Seven Signs You May Truly Be A Narcissist

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A lot of people are actually narcissist without realising it and Narcissistic personality disorder also tends to manifest itself at an early age. The truth is Narcissism can stem from childhood if the person was either overly pampered or overly criticized.

This may cause such persons to struggle with insecurity, low self-esteem or jealousy. And as a means of combating these feelings they may try and put themselves on a pedestal in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

It is important to note that narcissistic personality disorder is a clinical diagnosis and if you recognise that you have many of the following traits, you may want to speak with a psychologist. Here are seven warning signs you should be on the look out for.

You Always Want The Conversation To Be About You
People with narcissistic personality disorder most times like to be in control of the conversation. If someone was talking about their health scare, narcissists will likely allow the conversation drift back to their own stressors.

If you regularly find yourself changing topics to revert back to something you were saying, or if you aren’t listening attentively to other people’s problems and are more focused on sharing your own, it could mean you have narcissist tendencies.

Believing People Love You
A narcissistic quality is believing you make a powerful first impression that draws people to you and this in turn makes you go out of your way to create charming impressions on people you meet.

Narcissists are likable at first because of the first impression they create, but over time their interaction with others becomes a negative experience.

You Are Always Right
If you find it difficult to take responsibility for your actions and always want to be right, you may have narcissistic personality disorder.

When someone gets angry at you, you might point the finger at others defensively, or you might lie and make up excuses to avoid being blamed or judged.

Making yourself the victim and thinking you are misunderstood or not valued is a sign of narcissism.

You Love Expensive Things
Everyone loves good things right? But if you constantly spend money you don’t have as a means of showing off your status to others, there could be a problem.

Being materialistic, flashing new purchases, bragging constantly and enjoying to display a high status as a means of emphasizing your prestige is Narcissism.

You Can’t Take Criticism
Not being able to tolerate even the most gentle constructive criticism is a problem, especially if you’re “hyper-sensitive” to it. So if you throw tantrums when criticized, or retaliate by intimidating and bullying others, that’s a red flag.

Thinking You’re Special
It is nice to see yourself as special but someone with NPD will have a high sense of importance because they believe they are unique and superior. Most live in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur by ignoring key facts or reality that negates their ‘uniqueness’ which may be related to intelligence, power, beauty or success.

Taking Advantage Of Others
A lot of the time, people with NPD may hold deep-rooted jealousy towards others and assume that others are jealous of them as well. This most times makes them without guilt and shame. This will also make them disregard the feelings of others and lack empathy.

If you think you have these tendencies, it would be nice to seek for help. While it may be challenging, you will be able to become more self-aware as to how you affect others.

If you know someone who is a narcissist, it’s important to set boundaries. Speak to them calmly and don’t engage in arguments or attacks, as narcissists don’t really listen or hear you when you speak negatively about them. Be firm as possible and know that it is totally alright to end the conversation.



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