All The Right Things To Do To Keep Your Junk Fresh And Healthy

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Do you need to be reminded as to why you need to keep your junk fresh and healthy or you have no idea as to why you should? Well, the fact is keeping your junk fresh helps to prevent fungal infections.

It is also essential you prevent chafing and itching, while also keeping the hair around there well trimmed and ventilated.

With that being said, keeping that area fresh goes beyond showering now and again. There are a number of things soap won’t be able to fix but which can be solved with other preventative measures.

Your testicles stay tucked inside a dark, damp boxer all day and that can be a prime breeding ground for fungus, yeast, and certain types of bacteria. As such, you will need powders, creams, soaps, and even the right underwear fabric to minimize the threat.

Here are a number of things that can help you keep healthy, clean, fresh and smooth.

Wear Appropriate Underwear
Cotton is the obvious fabric choice but it has the tendency to magnify any already persistent perspiration problems. This material is not good for ventilation, even though boxer briefs and boxers tend to be better than briefs for ventilation. If you must wear cotton, avoid wearing briefs.

Microfiber is the best option to contain sweat and bacteria spread as it breathes well, and mesh areas in the groin will keep air moving through. This prevents accumulation of moisture and presents an unfavourable environment for bacteria to thrive. that’s favorable for you.

Wash Your Junk With Moisturizing Soap
Avoid using exfoliators and scrub brushes when showering, because they can irritate the testicle skin which is especially sensitive. Use a standard, nourishing bar soap that moisturises and has the ability to kill germs.

Trim … but Don’t Over Trim
There are a number of hygienic benefits to trimming your balls. The hair around your junk can harbour odour and different forms of bacteria. Pubic hair however also helps to decrease friction, which is why it is important for you to leave some hair, even if you’re going to trim it shorter.

Leave from between a centimeter to an inch if you want the best trim results. Use an electric trimmer but be cautious not to put it right on the skin, since you can get a cut and irritation of the skin around that area.

Use Some Powder
A moisture-absorbing powder will help to keep your nether region dry throughout the day, thus preventing the sweat accumulation that leads to infections, odour, and chafing.

Talcum-based powders tend to work longer against perspiration than cornstarch-based products. You can also choose to use a powder with antifungal properties, too.

If there’s a need, you can use an antifungal cream too, especially if you have Jock itch. Apply the cream once or twice daily for one to two weeks, until any sour smells and itching resolve.

Don’t Sweat For Too Long
Ensure you shower regularly, especially after a hard day of sweating. Don’t stay for too long in sweaty clothing, and always wear clean underwear. A lot of infections occur as a result of bacteria inside your underwear and you can reduce the time they spend on your body, since the bacteria can multiply and migrate quickly.



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