All The Reasons Why You Should Fly First-class If You Have The Money

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The simple truth is that flying first-class is for the nouveau rich because of the luxuries therein, but why shouldn’t you fly it if you have the money?

With the introduction of groundbreaking First-class Private Suites by some airlines, they have certainly raised the bar when it comes to having a premium in-flight cabin experience.

You Get The Luxury You Can Only Dream Of
If you are travelling solo and you have the money, then you should think of opting for first-class. This is because a lot of airlines offer you some sort of luxury hotel in the sky feeling that you will relish for a long time.

The first-class Private Suite on Emirates airlines has its own wood-finished sliding door. What this means is that you can choose not to see another passenger for the entirety of the flight if you choose.

You’ve Got A Bar!
Furthermore, the minute you get inside the first-class suite, you have very little reason to leave.

From the oversized leather seat to somewhat comfortable sleeping beds, passengers will find their own 32-inch television screens, a minibar with soft drinks and sparkling water and a snack basket with everything from shortbread cookies to fruit-and-nut bars.

Moreover, the first-class cabin also provides you with, a Bulgari amenity kit filled with skincare products, and a pair of Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology pajamas meant to hydrate the skin during sleep.

The fabric of the pyjamas subtly releases natural, nutrient-rich sea kelp, which stimulates blood circulation.

You Get Served Like Royalty
Meals in first-class cabins are served in royalty style akin toroom-service. Passengers choose when to eat their multi-course meals. These meals typically starts with caviar and blinis and ends with desserts like a smoked chocolate fondant or seasonal fruit.

The cocktails that you can choose from range from the classic Bloody Marys to Manhattans, and Martinis.

The Spa Treatments
While this is not available on all airlines and airplanes, First-class passengers typically get access to exclusive use of the onboard Shower Spa which is available on the Airbus A380, used on popular and busy routes.

This will help you arrive your destination more refreshed, especially when the spa treatment is followed by a green apple, ginger and mint detox juice.

You Get A Chauffeur
Once you arrive your destination, you get a chauffeur to drive you in a luxurious car that is WiFi enabled to your hotel.

What else smells money and talks about making an entrance like this?



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