The Reasons Why It Is Best To Order Cocktails Instead Of Beers At Bars

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Ordering cocktails instead of beers when you are out at a bar is best for you for a number of reasons because it shows your class. More so, it is always better to order the bar’s critically acclaimed Margarita or that bourbon cocktail you’ve been meaning to try.

If you’re still wondering why you should order a cocktail instead of a beer every time you visit that bar, here are a few reasons why.

Cocktails Give You More Bang for Your Money
We all know that cocktails are typically twice the price of a beer, but think about what you’re really paying for when you order a cocktail. Cocktails Are more alcoholic than beers, the drink is made with fresh ingredients (if you’re in a good bar) and it is made by hand from scratch by a seasoned professional.

Furthermore, you most probably won’t be able to make the drink at home by yourself and if you choose to stir, you will most likely sip it slowly. This will ensure you enjoy your drink much longer than your friend who is gulping down his light beer.

Cocktails Have More Ingredients Than Beer
The ingredients from which beers are made are Grain, hops, yeast, water. While craft beers are a little more creative since they manipulate these ingredients, the fact is every beer is comprised of the same four ingredients.

Cocktails, however can be made with any number of spirits and other ingredients—including beer! So when you choose to have the former, you’re virtually paying for a ticket to a vast realm of alcohol exploration.

Two Types of Beer, A Million Types of Cocktails
While you may think beer has numerous varieties, the reality is that they are simply sub-categories, which fall into one of two buckets: ales or lagers.

The difference between an ale and a lager comes down to how the beer is fermented: Ales are fermented warm with top-fermenting yeast, while lagers are fermented cold with bottom-fermenting yeast.

On the other hand, there are many families of cocktails from Highballs to Fizzes to Sours to Depth Charges (which are made with beer). The list is somewhat endless. So why waste your time with versions of the same two beers when you can try an entirely new type of cocktail?

Cocktails Are Exciting
Cocktails g beyond the ingredients. Some.of them are stirred during preparation, others are shaken, some are blended and some require a combination of steps. Watching your drink get prepared can be quite a show and has a much bigger effect than watching a bartender pour your beer.

Cocktails Are Gluten-Free, While Beers Are Gluten-Full
If you are looking to avoid gluten, then a cocktail is your best option. With the exception of specially made brews, pretty much all beer does contain gluten. The fact that you can customise your cocktails also allows you to tailor them to any of your dietary needs, whether for allergies or a low-calorie diet.

You Can Make Cocktails as Strong (or Weak) as You Want
While the alcohol content varies from beer to beer, there’s no way for you to change it once it’s made. A cocktail on the other hand, can be made as strong (or as weak) as you please. Whatever the occasion maybe, you’re totally in control of how strong or Weak you want your drink to be.



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