The Reason Why A Mixture Of Red Bull And Vodka Is The Ideal Flirt Drink

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Any avid or social drinker that caters little for alcoholic brands will know that a mixture of red bull and vodka can turn a boring party around. This is simply because bringing a mixture of Red Bull and Vodka to any party is akin to bringing a light match to a gas station and this can literally blow everything up.


More so, almost all drinkers know this which perhaps is the reason why the mixture appears to be extremely potent. The mixture of red bull and vodka is however not limited to the the drunken thoughts of Alcoholics as Behavioral scientists have come up with the theory that the energy drink-booze combination has the potential to get you extra turnt.

A recent study of out that the extraordinary intoxication experienced experienced drink drink mixture of this drink is only just some kind of placebo effect. While the red bull advert claims to give you wings, it may actually be gi you some serious head trip.

Some behavioural scientists conducted a research at the INSEAD Sorbonne University Behaviour Laboratory in Paris by dividing male subjects into three groups. They gave each of the groups the exact same type and quantity of alcoholic beverage.

The catch however is that the researchers told each group that they were getting either a Red Bull & Vodka, a generic vodka drink or an “exotic fruit” cocktail. After downing subjects drank their beverages, the group that was told they were drinking Red Bull & Vodka appeared to be more confident about their flirting abilities. They also used a riskier strategy in a cash-based balloon game, and generally considered themselves more drunk than they actually were, considering the amount of alcohol they took.

If you have at anytime being worried about mixing energy drinks with booze because of studies that have compared the effects of the mixture to cocaine, then this may perhaps be a wake-up call for you.
The same thing is applicable to people that take lots of Red Bull and Vodka mixtures as they may need to calm down. The best thing is to drink what you like in moderation and avoid giving in to stereotypes.

With that being said, when next you are on the look out for a mixture of caffeine and booze buzzes, you may want to take one and leave the other for another time or better still, go for coffee cocktails instead.



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