Ways To Drink Vodka You Probably Never Knew

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Vodka is one drink that has become immensely popular among the young and upwardly mobile but how many of us know the right way to drink it?

Ensure You Drink With A Friend
Vodka needs a friend and for you to drink it the right way, you should have food and people around the table. The best thing to do is to set out a spread of appetizers and drink at a social activity, where you will be making lots of toasts.

You can have everyone at the gathering making a toast and having shots of vodka. Nothing tops drinking with friends and having something to eat. This is the best way to drink your favourite liquor.

Drink To The Occasion
Whenever you decide to drink vodka, it is important you think about your end game. If you’re pairing with food, it is best you choose food that is clean, crisp and lighter in texture. For this purpose, go for Eastern European or Scandinavian vodkas.

If you however choose to go for are good for Martinis or to sip straight, you can decide to go for a more flavorful vodka, that is made from an unusual mash bill or yeasts that supply funky or fruity notes. While American vodkas can fit in well, Russian Standard are a favourite for mixing.

Take Chilled
Serving your vodka chilled or straight from the freezer helps to change its viscosity and can make it incredibly delicious. You should however note that more flavorful vodkas have a tendency of becoming muted in the freezer, and such ate beat kept in the refrigerator to cool.

Control Your Portions
If you are keen on drinking vodka, it is best to make use of tiny one-ounce shot glasses. The very act of consuming it in small portions is the best way to take this drink as it allows you make a toast and drink more frequently without getting blown out.

Small shot glasses are the key to taking this liquor at dinner parties. Using large shot glasses means your party won’t last long.

Allow Your Vodka Take The Lead
Infused vodkas are a staple at most parties and are often used in cocktails. For example, the Kosmos-politan cocktail contains a kitschy Cosmo riff that features cranberry-infused vodka but no cranberry juice.

A very carefully crafted Vodka Highball or Martini can be very delicious, if you are however using it in a cocktail with seven other ingredients, there is a high chance it will get lost very quickly in the mixture. The best thing to do is to keep it simple, and allow the vodka take the lead.



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