Nine Reasons Being In The Friend Zone Is Not As Bad As It Seems

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A lot of guys can relate to the platonic side which is otherwise known as the friend zone because they have that one female friend that has put them in it. One of the biggest myths in the dating world is that the friend zone is an entirely bad place to be because it’s tied to rejection.

For a lot of guys, the moment they find out that they have being friend-zoned is when they break all ties and no real friendship ever blossoms. However, there are plenty of reasons why being in the friend zone can be beneficial and after reading this, you will agree with us that it’s not that bad as it seems.

It Helps Improve Confidence
Being in the friend zone improves your confidence and comfort level with women. This is especially true if you are the kind of man that has little experience with women.

It can help improve your social skills and make future dates less awkward and more successful.

You Get To Meet New Women
The Friend zone presents you with the opportunity to meet new women. You can grow your pool of dating prospects by meeting more women through your lady friend. Whether it’s her friends or friends’ of her friends, being in the friend zone exposes you to the untapped resource of new women waiting to be discovered by you.

You Will Know The Qualities You Want In A Woman Better
Spending a lot of time with a lady that is not shy to show you all of herself, simply because your relationship is platonic is a good way of seeing and knowing the characteristics of a woman that you are both attracted and not attracted to.

Nothing Beats Honesty
Being your friend will allow her to be honest with you in a way that you never knew was possible. This is because her goal is not to entice you in order to date you. She will lay out the truth for you in ways that you may not be familiar with.

She Could Be Your Mischievous Partner
A friend zone buddy is the best Mischievous partner you can get. If you’re on the look out for someone you can play pranks with, you’ve got a good friend from this zone.

You Get Free Relationship Advice
One of the advantages of having a female friend is that you get free dating and relationship advice. You also get to know how the female mind thinks and works, as well as how they view dating and relationships.

Her advice would be less embarrassing and much more effective than you asking your male friends for help.

Helps You Work On Your Emotions
Chances are you find it difficult to open up to people you are either in a relationship with or those you maintain friendship with. The Friend zone provides you with a safe harbour for painful pasts and buried emotions to be talked about and you can finally de-stress your mind.

You Don’t Play The Waiting Game
You don’t have to endlessly wait for that text, call or WhatsApp message which can be excruciatingly painful. Being in the friend zone however , reduce the pressure of if or when they will respond to your messages.

While it may be annoying when your pal doesn’t respond to your messages immediately, the anticipation of waiting just for a crush is much more anxiety-inducing.

You Can Still Get More
The truth is with the closeness you will get in this zone, there is no guarantee the relationship will always be platonic. The idea that it can grow into something more exciting can be super enticing to say the least.



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