MUSIC: Earl Jon – No Limit (Freestyle)

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MUSIC: Earl Jon - No Limit (Freestyle)

Earl Jon spazzed on this one, as expected of course. This is a lot more assertive performance than his last release which was a laid back but impactful delivery on the song The Fix.

 Switching flows at almost every four bars interval, impeccable cadence and articulate delivery. It’s rare to find rappers hopping on records topping the charts and literally owning it the way he did, regardless of the other artistes that were featured on the original song and remix. He somehow snuck in some lyrics that touch social issues, braggadocios subject matter, street trends (Shaku shaku, my money move) lol, did a different rendition of the song’s hook and made it better.
 “It ain’t safe for blacks like the old days”
  “It ain’t safe for the whites, word to OJ”
   I guess everybody and anybody can and will get it.
Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

“I grew up in the age of 50 and Game ...“

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