Mourinho On Hotel Living: I’m Committed To United, Just Lazy

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Jose Mourinho has calmed the fears of Manchester United fans, saying he is living in a hotel because he is lazy, but remains committed to the club.

The Portuguese manager has refused to buy a house in Manchester, instead choosing to stay in the Lowry Hotel, while his wife maintains their London home.

His decision not to buy a house is a source of concern for the fans, with reports stating he is thinking of leaving Old Trafford.

Explaining the reason for living in a hotel, Mourinho said: “I am very lazy and because I like to arrive in the hotel, I don’t want anyone to be worried because I live in a two square metres room.

“I am living in an apartment inside of a hotel where I have all the comfort, the support, where I have everything I want – like I am living in a house.

“So if they are worried about me being comfortable, happy and supported, I really am. That’s the way I feel very comfortable.

“If they want me in some house that I don’t like, in some place I don’t like, lonely from my assistants, if they want that, I would be a sad guy and a sad guy doesn’t work well.”



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