Lineker Warns Against Kane And Alli Exit

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Gary Lineker believes Tottenham faces the possibility of losikg Kane and Alli, with United and Madrid eager to sign.

Tottenham have been able to keep up with their star’s ambitions, and secured them to long-term contracts.

However, they have slipped this season, prompting interest from Madrid and United for Kane and Alli.

Lineker acknowledges that either could be tempted to jump ship at some stage, with the ex- Spurs striker telling PA Sport on the challenges facing his former club: “I think Tottenham have to decide what they are.

“I think if they want to keep the likes of Kane and Alli, their star players, they’ll have to pay the going rate, or get close to it and they’ll also have to bring players in and challenge for titles because the great players want to win things, they want to be at places where they can do that.

“I suspect Harry Kane, he’d love that to happen, I think that would be his preference.

“But at the same time, if Tottenham don’t show the same ambition perhaps as one or two of the players, then they’ll get a little bit disgruntled and they might seek different areas and different places to play, so it’s a bit of a watershed moment for Tottenham.”



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