Leonardo Dicaprio And Quentin Tarantino To Collaborate On New Movie

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Both Leonardo dicaprio and Quentin Tarantino are movie gurus in their on rights and have both worked on blockbusters that even critics can’t help but love.

Leonardo Dicaprio has worked on a number of unforgettable movies including Titanic, The Man In fact Iron Mask, Blood Diamonds and Django Unchained in which he collaborated with the ace director.

Leonardo dicaprio

With the last collaboration between the movie actor and Quentin Tarantino breaking the box office, the ace director is set to release a 9th movie that he hopes will Trump the likes of Pulp fiction, Kill Bill and Django Unchained.

Leonardo Dicaprio is said to have signed for the movie which is yet to be given a title and would be based on the mysterious and infamous Charles Manson Murders that occurred in the city of Los Angeles, United States of America during the summer of 1969.

The Murders that occurred that year changed the face of criminal psychology forever and we trust Quentin Tarantino To excellently portray the movie on the screen.

Quentin tarantino

The movie which is yet to be given a title will be Tarantino’s ninth directorial effort, and Sony has set a release date of August 9, 2019 for the highly-anticipated movie. If the scheduled release date is kept to, it will coincide with the 50-year anniversary of the Manson Murders.

DiCaprio is expected not to star as Charles Manson himself but will play an aging actor in a story that is very much being kept under lock and key by Tarantino and his partners. Some of the other actors that are being considered for the movie project include Margot Robbie (who is expected to play Sharon Tate), Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise.

Each of them are expected to act in a significant role when they tell Tarantino’s twisted tale of serial murder and a time in the history of Los Angeles that will never forget.

While we all know that DiCaprio will team up with Tarantino, which should obviously get any movie enthusiast buffed up, the fact that he may not be cast as Manson may however make some sad. Whatever the case maybe, one thing is sure and that is the fact that the PULP FICTION director has other plans for Hollywood’s versatile golden boy that we are bound to love.



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