The Hidden Meaning Behind Some Messages Women Send

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Women are excellent at giving subtle hints and sending coded messages like they work for The CIA, KGB or MI6 and they expect you to be able to decode them.

When it comes to the dating world, there are a million and one meanings behind the simplest of messages women send. With the massive technological improvement of the 21st century, flirting has become easy and communication much more easier and faster.

This has required men to be at the top of their games more than ever, especially since information can easily get lost in translation.

Here is a quick course that can help you decide the vague messages, texts and information the women in your life are sending to you, so you can easily find out what she’s really thinking.

“Sorry I’ve been so busy”
If you’ve known her for a while, she’s most likely busy but if not, it means she hasn’t been busy at all. This is also code for “I’m not that into you.”

If she’s avoiding making plans and hanging out with you because she’s busy, there’s a chance she’s just trying to break it to you gently. If she is really into you, she will make you more of a priority.

This one is relatively common and if she doesn’t accompany this with an angry emoticon, you probably won’t know that she is barely tolerating you at the moment.

While it is easy for you to think that she’s trying to laugh, she’s actually telling you to move on with the discussion before she brings down the roof on your favourite instant messaging app.

“I’d be with you in 5 minutes”
What this means is that you should probably expect her to arrive between 30 minutes to an hour. She’s late and she’s lying to you which can mean a very positive thing. She’s probably late because she’s taking tim tim look her best because she really likes you…

This one is to basically show you are displeasure with the things you’re saying and she’s basically trying to inform you that she hates what you’re doing at the moment. “K” is the classic “I’m pissed” text.

She detests whatever you said and she doesn’t yet know the best way to address it. You should try to get to the bottom of it by doing some digging to get her to elaborate on the specifics of what you did wrong.

“Sorry, I missed saw your text”
This one basically means “I saw your text immediately but I didn’t want to answer”. If you’re in the process of asking her out or getting to know her, this is a classic “stay away from me” as she’s just not into you.

“it appears you had fun last night”
Whether you’re talking to her about an event you attended or she sent it in response to seeing pictures of you on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, she’s likely telling you that you spent time partying without her and she’s pissed at you.

The best thing for you to do is to tell her how boring and lame it was without her there. If you however had women with you in the pictures, you’ve got more work to do and good luck to you.



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