The Health Mistakes You Make Every Day And Why You Should Change Them

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Believe it or not, there are some health mistakes that you make everyday that are most likely having an effect on your general health.

Some of these mistakes seem totally harmless because they already form a part of our daily routine.

Nonetheless, it is essential we stop making such mistakes if we intend to have a general improvement in our health.

Brushing Your Teeth Immediately After Breakfast
Brushing your teeth after consuming acidic foods-especially fruit and juice-can weaken your enamel. This may result in teeth discolouration or in severe cases, cracks and chips in your teeth.

The best thing to do is to rinse and Wait after eating. If you didn’t brush before eating, you can simply swish with water and wait 40 minutes for the calcium in your saliva to remineralize the weakened areas. Then brush afterwards.

You Drive To Work With Your Car Windows Open
There is a significantly high level of air pollution on highways and it can be up to 10 times what you will find at landfills. Diesel fumes have been known to contribute to headaches, cancer, and heart disease.

The best thing for you to do is to shut the windows of your car and recirculate the air. Do this by pressing the “recirc” button on your AC. Doing this can help you cut your particulate pollution exposure by up to four folds.

You Microwave Food In Plastic
If you use BPA-free plastics, it is better but not perfect because Phthalates can still leach into your food, potentially damaging sperm and altering some important hormones in your body.

It is better to make use of glass when you use the microwave. Transfer food to glass before nuking it, or warm it on the stove at home and pack it in a stainless-steel thermos to keep it hot.

Driving Home After Drinking
Whether you had a bottle or two, your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can significantly affect your driving. You run a higher risk of being involved in a car crash when you drink even a bottle of alcoholic beverage than when you are totally sober.

You can however reduce your blood alcohol concentration levels by eating before drinking.

Bringing Work To Your Bedroom
A University of Florida study found out that people who use their smartphone for work after 9 p.m. wake up feeling groggy, and a larger study conducted in Singapore also discovered that too little sleep can raise your odds of dying of stroke.

The best way to avoid this is to keep your charging station out of your bedroom, and turn off e-mail notifications after 9 p.m. If it’s an emergency, you will get a call.



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