How To Get More Likes And Followers On Instagram

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A lot of first timers on Instagram and a number of other social media platform are usually frustrated with getting people to like their posts. It isn’t your fault a lot of the time because you simply don’t know the right hinge to do to get people clicking the like button.

Following the steps below will make you rake in bulk likes.

Ensure You Post Quality Content
You should think of how much junk you come across when you scroll through your Instagram feed. They will usually range from a blurry picture on a night out, a gym selfie that looks identical to what you’ve seen a thousand times, a thousandth photo of your friend’s new dog posted last week, and the week before, and the week before that.

Amidst the loads of junk you see everyday however, a well captured selfie or picture of an interesting scenery stands out. As such, it is best you shoot with a steady hand, while remembering the rule of thirds. Also ask yourself, are my snaps Insta-worthy?

Make Yourself Visible
Instagram is a social media platform that sets itself apart from others by being totally social. While you may be posting pictures that are worthy of magazine covers that have razor-sharp captions, it may not have the effect you desire unless you’re following accounts you’re interested in, dropping comments, and leaving likes.

Not doing any of this will Seem weird but it is nonetheless important that you find a niche you’re interested in, be it sports, travel, antique, sunsets or whatever that can help you put your handle out there.

Edit Wisely
Despite the fact that a lot of us make use of the hashtag #nofilter, quite a sizable number are guilty of resorting to using the Hefe or Valencia filters to make our picture colour pop. It is however important to use filters with restraint.

Increasing the saturation level of your selfies tend to give it some sort of tinge whereas it can intensify the colour of scenery shots. Adjusting the brightness and tinkering with the contrast can also help to improve a photo’s clarity. Also try to stop using the collage app as it crams extra photos into an already tight space.

Use The Hashtags Smartly
The algorithm which Instagram uses to determine how high up your posts appear in the feeds of your followers is something that is difficult to understand but one thing that is sure is that it rewards proper hashtagging.

One thing that should be avoided is repeating the same hashtags over and over again. Also try to stay off spammy hashtags such as #like4like, #happy and #followme that tends to make your posts look tacky.

Aim For The Top Posts
Anytime you click on a hashtag, you tend to see a grid of nine top posts which definitely increases the likes of such posts. You have very little chance of beating all the beauty bloggers and travel influencers to the top posts of big hashtags with millions of posts but you will definitely have the opportunity of targeting smaller niches.

The list of suggestions provided by Instagram when you click on a hashtag which is otherwise known as Trending posts is a good way of finding new emerging hashtags, and is also meant to win over the algorithm.



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