Footwears That Will Trend This Year

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The kind of footwear we love is sometimes dependent on our career choice than it is on our love for them or the specific style they come in.

Whilst Some of us may love certain shoes, some others have immense hate for them. One thing that however holds true is that some shoes have been able to withstand the love/hate relationship of a lot of us, to remain in our consciousness.

The most important thing however is to choose the style of shoe that suits you and your wardrobe best, while also putting your career and everyday life into consideration. Here are our top picks of Footwears that will hold fort this year.


Military styled boots have been around for as long as we can remember and they are definitely still going to stay in our consciousness this year.

The only difference is that boots will be less about combat designs but more about subtler designs that will be funky and acceptable for the modern man.

Brogue boots will be incredibly trendy in 2018 since they are expected to complement more formal trousers, making them more dressy and socially acceptable.

More so, properly designed classic work boots and suede desert boots will pair up nicely with jeans in more casual outfits that seems to be the trend most youngsters are moving towards.

Monk Straps

Monk straps were forbidden from the middle ages till they made their way back at the turn of the millennium. 2018 will mix things up a bit as the features of traditional monk straps will be altered a bit with an array of styles that will boast more than one strap, going up to three.

Monk straps are favourites of the young and stylish and they can be worn with slim cut pants and suits to make them less dressy.


Loafers are those pair of shoes men can’t do without and same will go for most men this year as the footwear maintains it’s popularity as a dressy but laid back shoe that works incredibly well without a pair of socks.

It however also works well with a pair of thick socks that have the same colour as your trousers when the cuffs are rolled up.
It is one trend that every man should follow especially since it is a smart and casual footwear that every stylish man can lean on.

You should however opt for lighter colour shades and thicker soles for versatility.


Sneakers have been around for a while, since they made their debut since the early 20th century and they are not showing any signs of abating this year.

Newer versions are coming out and the designs range from retro suede New Balance and Adidas trainers to a number of other collaborations between celebrities and top brands that manufacture sneakers.

More so, sneakers are to come in the neutral colours they have come to be known with and also a number of other bright and colourful designs, with some coming as limited edition.

Nike has taken it a notch higher with their Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, a limited edition self-lacing sneaker, 2017 will definitely be an interesting year for lovers of sneakers.


Sandals, especially those that come as double-strapped with cork soles have made their way back into our consciousness and they are not about to let go since they are a staple for the hot weather.

They are especially suitable since they can help you dress up or dress down, depending on what occasion you choose to wear them to.

Sandals will be trendy and you can choose to rock them if you have the confidence to pull it off. Another popular trend that will Rock this year is the woven leather sandals that will make its way back from the 90s.



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