Five Tips That Can Help You Boost Your Popularity On Instagram

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A lot of us feel that only celebrities should have a vibrant social network page but that is far from the truth as even you can be popular on Instagram.

Boosting your popularity on social media pages, especially instagram shouldn’t be rocket science, and you can get the fame you desire by following these simple steps.

Work On Your Bio And Photo
Make your short biography as clear as possible. Ensure that it I personable and does not contain unnecessary information. Stretching your bio to three or four sentences is too much and you should instead reference your main interests by throwing in a bit of humour.

Also add some colour to your bio, while ensuring that you avoid disclosing too much personal information. Employ a tone that will make it seem as if you are talking to a new potential friend.

Make sure that your profile photo is of the best quality. You can get a good photo by ensuring that you take such from good angles and a background that hints a your interests. A smiling picture is sure to get the attention of people that scroll past your timeline, and of course, lots of Instagram likes too.

Create A Theme For Yourself
The fact is the friends you actually know in real life will follow you but people that don’t know you will only follow you if you give them a clear reason to. The Reasons could range from you being a foodie, a dancer or a funny person.

Creating a theme and sticking to it helps define who you are for the millions of potential followers out there. If you’re really into fitness and this is the way you want to be known, then the majority of your posts should reflect this interest in some way.

Changing your post suddenly about something different will seem weird to people who specifically followed you because they like what you have to say and show them about exercise, diet and health.

This may come off as narrow but if you are imaginative, you will be able to add other interests into your main theme. For example, a movie night could be themed as a reward for a week of workouts.

Follow And Get Followed
Try and follow lots of accounts, especially since you are allowed to follow as much as 160 in an hour. Doing Doing means a lot of people will follow you back and you can grow exponentially.

If someone takes the time to follow you and like your posts, try and reciprocate. Social media is some sort of echo chamber that follows the principle of you get what you give in amassing followers and extending your social influence.

Commenting positively on people’s posts help to boost your presence. Commenting on celebrity Instagram posts is also a way to get yourself potentially noticed by thousands or millions of people as the case maybe.

Post As Often As Possible
A lot of people make the mistake of setting their account profile private but that limits the amount of possible followers and likes on their Instagram page. People want to be able to check out your photos and posts before they follow you without you approving them.

More so, research has shown that posts made at 5pm reach the most people. This means that having a steady stream of posts, say five per day, even if they’re simply inspirational quotes or photos, will help to keep you fresh in people’s minds.

You can also have a wider reach with your Instagram posts by setting it up to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter.

Get Your Caption And Hashtag Right
A picture they say is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to Instagram, it can be worth a thousand likes if you use a clever or informative caption to explain what people can see.

Research has shown that Instagram posts that have up to 11 hashtags and above tend to get the widest reach and attract the most new followers.

It is however important that you ensure that the hashtags are relevant and specific. Posting a photo of you with your birthday cake and using the hashtags #baking #birthday #winner is plain, using #birthdaydisaster #cakeboss #icinglife will help create more intrigue.



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