Five Natural Laxatives You Can Use When You’re Constipated

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Constipation is still a very common problem and a lot of people are used to taking, synthetic laxatives to help relieve themselves when they’re constipated. Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems as millions of people deal with it regularly.

If you’re feeling constipated, you shouldn’t wait for more than three days before dealing with it. The good news is that you can actually get your bowels moving by using natural remedies instead of medications. Natural laxatives are definitely gentler than some of the prescription laxatives, and even a little gentler than what you can get over the counter.

Here are five natural laxatives that can get your bowels moving again. Better yet, integrate them into your regular diet to keep things regular.

Chia Seeds
When you leave chia seeds in water, they turn into a jelly like substance. This is one thing that makes them a natural laxatives. When you consume the chia seeds, they combine with liquid, they expand, and that gel-like texture makes it easy for the stool to move through the bowels.

Furthermore, if you consider the the fact that one ounce contains 10 grams of fiber, sprinkling some chia seeds into your meal is almost guaranteed to relieve your constipation and have you visiting the toilet.

Flax seeds
A tablespoon of flaxseed contains as much as 3 grams of fiber and that is a lot of nutrients that is hidden in such tiny food which can be consumed along with smoothies or salads. All the extra fiber in flax seeds is suitable to stimulate your bowels and have you visiting the toilet.

The seeds contain “mucilage,” a gummy compound that coats your digestive system to make bowel movements proceed more smoothly. Moreover, Flaxseed is also high in magnesium, which can help stimulate the urge for you to go, too.

Staying hydrated , good for the entire body including your digestive system. Water helps to lubricate your system and also soften your stool. As your stool moves to your colon, it tries to absorb all of the extra water in order to solidify.

The longer the stool stays in the colon, though, the longer the water has to get sucked back out of it, eventually becoming rock hard. Taking water will help to soften the stool and stimulate the colon to empty out.

Yogurt and other probiotics are generally good for your gastrointestinal system because they aid digestion. Whether you have diarrhoea or you’re constipated, probiotics help your bowels because they reset the microbial flora in your gut.

Billions of bacteria exists in the guy and the wrong ones can lead to indigestion, bloating, and changes in our bowels. Probiotics help to more of the healthy bacteria to the gut and reconstitute your digestive track with that good bacteria. Those with “live and active cultures” on their label are especially good in relieving constipation

Green Vegetables
Vegetables like spinach, kale, and cabbage are the most dense in terms of fiber, and that is exactly what your bowels need to get moving. Fiber stimulates the colon to contract, giving a sense of fullness, which it wants to push out.

Considering the fact that a lot of us don’t consume the recommended 30 to 40 grams of fiber per day, increasing your intake of leafy green vegetables could be a quick way to jumpstart your digestive track. More so, they contain loads of magnesium that can naturally help to soften stool.



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