Dangerous Exercise Routines You Should Avoid At All Costs

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For gym lovers and men hoping to have a perfectly structured body, any exercise routine is suitable. That however shouldn’t be the case as every good workout session entails having a proper understanding of the things that constitutes ineffective and dangerous routines that could lead to injuries and death.

These are the least effective and dangerous exercises according to gym experts and the routines you should follow instead.

Biceps Curls
Biceps Curls can help your biceps increase in size but the bad part of doing them repeatedly is that you would be isolating only one group of muscles and not involving the surrounding muscles.

This can make the biceps muscles develop in an outrageous manner, leaving the other sides normal.

Instead of the biceps Curls, you can opt for chin-ups which can make you get a better bicep pump and also strengthen your surrounding muscles at the same time making your back look chiseled.

Leg Press
Any form of isolation exercises such as leg presses are bad as they place unnecessary strain on the lower back, and also prevent proper muscle recruitment in the legs. This can lead to injuries of the knee and back on the long run.

In place of leg presses, you can do squats. Make Use of barbells with weights that you can handle. Continue to add weights as you progress with your exercise routine by squatting three times a week.

You will in no time find your strength increasing to handle more weights and your body getting sculpted into a frame you desire.

Triceps Kickbacks
This exercise requires you to extend your arm back while carrying a dumbbell but it is basically an unpleasant routine you should drop.

Triceps Kickbacks don’t allow your shoulder adequate movement and also prevent you loading the movement with much weight. This will this, stop you from getting desired results.

Instead of Kickbacks, you should do Pushups instead. Ensure that your hands are shoulder-width apart, and your index fingers are parallel with each other before externally rotating your elbow. Point the elbow joint back and lower your chest to the ground, while maintaining a solid plank position all through.

The chest should touch the ground instead of the thighs or ribcage to have a routine that will effectively target the triceps, your chest and your core.

Crunches are common routines in gym houses but they are dangerous because they put too much stress on the lower back and won’t have the desired effect on the abdominal muscles.

Instead of going full blast with crunches, you can choose to do the hollow body hold which is a stability exercise that strengthens your core. It entails you lying in your back and use your core to pull your belly to the ground while raising your legs and shoulders off the ground a few inches, in such a manner that you create a slight crescent moon shape with your body.

Stay in this position for a minute and attempt to rock your body back and forth, without kicking with your legs at all.

The Elliptical Machine
This exercise routine seems like low impact but is bad in that it puts gourmet body in dangerous positions. It takes your body through an unnatural range of motion, that will do you and your muscles little good when it comes to achieving your desires.

The rowing machine can serve as a good replacement for the elliptical machine as it works well on almost every muscle in your body, while also teaching you how to properly pull the mechanical components of the machine to achieve desired results.

Thirty seconds of light rowing and 30 seconds of hard and quick rowing can do incredible work to your body.



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