Conte Slams VAR For Costing Chelsea

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Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte has slammed the referee for his officiating in the match against Norwich. As Willian was denied a penalty in the first half of extra time, and was also handed a yellow card.

The Blues struggled against the Canaries, with Lewis cancelling out Batshuayi’s opener, and Chelsea failed to score in extra time, however, two red cards for Pedro and Morata played a role.

Chelsea won on penalties, winning 5-3, with Hazard scoring the winning goal, however, Conte was unhappy with VAR.

“I think that we need to improve if we want to use this new system,” Conte said at Stamford Bridge. “Today, in this game, there is a situation very clear with Willian at the start of the first period of extra-time. I think the situation was very clear. I watched it and this is a penalty. Very clear.

“But this is not because I’m not happy with a referee’s decision. The referee took quickly a decision to book Willian. That means you don’t have doubt. If you do this quickly, it means you don’t have doubt.


“Instead, I repeat, if we want to improve – it’s only to try and improve the system – we have to wait to check with the person who is watching the game and then, if this person is sure 100 per cent that it is simulation, go and book Willian. Instead, I think the person watching the game, at least you must have a doubt.

“There is a kick to Willian and he should call the referee and tell him. Maybe it’s a penalty, for me. In Italy, before to arrive to use this new system, they tried, tried, tried… But if you want to try quickly this new system, then you have to find the best solution.

“For me, this is not the right solution if the referee doesn’t refer a doubtful decision. The final decision stays with the referee on the pitch, not the one watching the game. But it’s only because we want to try and use this new system, and this is my opinion to help the referee use this new system.

“We have been using it in Italy for six months, and you can reduce a lot the referee’s mistakes. But you must be sure, 100%. And, despite this, there is another person checking the situation.

“If the person checking the situation calls you and says it’s a penalty, you say you made a mistake, take back the yellow card and give the penalty. I think we have to find the right solution to try to help the referee.”



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