Why Conception Occurs More During The Holidays And More People Are Born In September

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If you are a ladies man, chances are you would have wondered a few times why a particular woman can’t seem to keep her hands off you. Apparently, people crave more sex when they are on break or holidays, which is perhaps the reason which that time is the most wonderful time of the year.

According to a new study conducted by Indiana University, there is usually a regular spike in birth rates about nine months after significant holidays. Furthermore, a worldwide study titled, “Human Sexual Cycles are Driven by Culture and Match Collective Moods,” which was published in the journal Scientific Reports, found that people of all religions and nationalities become more “passionate” during the holiday season.

This was ascribed to be the first “planetary-level” look at human reproduction, especially as it relates to the interests and moods of people regarding sex.

You may wonder how the scientists were able to relate holidays and an increase in the libido of people worldwide. They did this by working with an institute in Portugal that looked at what people searched for over the Internet, including social media to help get information and understanding of the carnal behaviours of humans.

The researchers were on the look out for how often people searched for the word “sex” on Google between 2004 and 2014 and the time of the year those searches were most common.

The researchers went on further to determine the sentiments of people, using a random sampling of 10 percent of public tweets between 2010 and 2014 to help determine the sentiment from Twitter posts. They made use of the Affective Norms for English Words (a set of English words that are scored to determine arousal, dominance and pleasure).

In all, the researchers studied data from about 130 countries, exploring populations that follow Christian and Muslim faiths. They concluded that the mood that is present in these holidays is one where people are generally happy and there’s less anxiety which makes them tend to be calm as a whole.

More so, it was discovered that there is a birth spike every September and October, about nine months after Christmas in the United States. In Israel, Borth Peaks were discovered about nine months after major Jewish and Muslim holidays like Hanukkah and Ramadan.

The researchers were of the opinion that holidays like Christmas and Eid-Al-Fitr are characterized by distinct collective moods that correlate with increased fertility. They also suggested that people are likely to feel a greater motivation to grow their families during holidays when the emphasis is on love and gift-giving to children.

Furthermore, it may also be due to couples spending more time watching romantic movies with a nice meal in front of them and the most special person by their side.

However, holidays like Easter however didn’t give the same results even though they are also “family times,” too. This maybe sue to the fact that they are anxiety inducing.



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