Do All You Can To Avoid Doing These Things On A Double Date

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A lot of Young fellows see going on a double date as a safe and smart way of staying out of trouble and extricating themselves from potential problems. This is true, especially if things become awkward but nonetheless, double dates can be a thing of beauty to witness in the hands of deft wooers and pursuers.

The most important thing is to know the right things to do and the things to steer clear of while on a double date. Here are a number of things that can help you have a smooth run if you are potentially planning a double date.

Never Hit On Your Pal’s Date
A double date makes flirting inevitable. Jokes like “We should switch” and “I should be with yours” is bound to come up, even amongst the ladies. You should however know when to stop and should you come to the realization that you actually are with the wrong one, or simply prefer the other, you should leave that conversation till when you and your friend are alone.

Getting Names Wrong
This is probably the worst mistake to make. They are only two of them and if you can’t come up with some way to remember two names, thereby calling each of these ladies by the correct one, and especially not swapping their names out, then the double date scene is definitely not for you.

You can choose to go solo and avoid the embarrassment and foolishness that comes with making such a horrendous mistake.

Holding Back
Avoid holding back. If your friend doesn’t know how to dance, that doesn’t mean you should let that stop you from showing your dance skills, especially if you’re good at it. If he’s not good at karaoke and you shine at it, let him be.

The fact is you have to be on a double date and you sure want to impress one of the ladies. On the long run, you may have to reevaluate why you’re friends with this guy in the first place if he doesn’t have your back.

Guys in Front, Ladies Behind
Never make the mistake of you and your guy in the front of the car and the ladies behind. The best way to make conversations easy during a double date drive is to mix up.

You should however remember to make sure that your friend and the other person decide if they genuinely like each other first, rather than forcing them to prematurely decide they don’t.

Going to the Movies
A double date at the cinemas is a no go area and should be reserved for first-time parents and older citizens. Why would you choose to have a double date at the cinemas? The chaos when selecting seats, conversations over each other’s heads and of course the potential pitfalls of simply picking a flick all four of you will appreciate.

It is best you leave such dates for couples that have been together for a while and who already have a good understanding of friendship and romance.

The Jokes
The double-date is tricky enough already and you making one or two persons feeling awkward on the periphery with your jokes will only make things worse. Shouting out catchphrases that only one out of four of you can understand is a sure way of making the women in the group get a headache and want to call it a night.

More so, reminiscing about the last time the two of you went on a double date, no matter how genuinely funny it may be is something you should never do. The ladies don’t wanna be regaled with tag team tales.

Paying For Everything
The fact is you all are in it together hoping to have a good time. Just one person picking up the whole bills is not good. Even if you’re the successful and generous one, your friend shouldn’t be comfort with you paying for everything as he will come off looking pathetic.

More so, you may be seen as a show off. That is why it is best to split the bills 50-50 and let the romance roll on.



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