The Best Ways To Make Your Resolutions Work For You

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Everybody makes resolutions and it is that Tim of the year when people are making lots of them and trying their best to make it work. Unfortunately however, lots of us have made Noble resolutions only to backslide and throw in the towel before the first month of the year.

2018 is going to be different simply because you’re going to do a lot of things differently after you’re done reading this. Here are the top tips that can help you make your resolutions work for you this year and leave the year better than you entered it.

Be Specific
Having a resolution that states “Lose weight” is a pretty bad New Year’s resolution. Instead having specific terms such as “Lose 4 kilograms by March 1” is much better. Specific and measurable goals will lead to success, because the goals are attainable.

It is much easier to make progress when you know you are making progress.

Think Small And Precisely
Instead of having a huge and all-encompassing New Year’s resolution, it is better to make several smaller ones. If you have a bunch of resolutions, there is a high chance that you’re going to keep at least some of them.

This helps to provide you with something to be happy about, even if you don’t achieve others. Instead of having one single, big resolution, it is best you redouble your efforts with the smaller ones you are achieving.

Visualize Your Success
Before tackling a particular resolution, it is best you write out how your life will change once you have accomplished your goal. This helps you take the benefit of your commitment from the abstract world to the real one.

For instance, you can think of yourself losing weight, looking great and dating more beautiful people. There’s no better way to stay on task when times get tough than visualising what the end of it would look like.

Fill Up The Spaces
It is quite difficult to stay committed to pulling back on a vice, especially if the void it created is not filled. If your resolution is to cut out caffeine, add something new to your diet that makes you happy. You could try a new fruit or flavoured soft drink every week.

Replacing your old and unhealthy behaviour with a new and beneficial one will make it easier for you to change. This will also help you improve on your life in a surprising way.

Track Your Progress
It is essential you track your progress by writing it out. Get a notebook and keep a record of your commitment. Write down the specific actions you take to meet your goal each day.

If you don’t do anything one day to meet your goal, record that as well. However, remember to forgive yourself and take up the challenge again the next day. Doing this will make you accountable while helping you stay on task as you take baby steps towards achieving your goals.

Stay As Flexible As Possible
Truth is you may find your resolutions are not as realistic as you once thought hey were. Instead of giving up, it is best for you to adjust your outlook. Switch to another plan if you find out that your original plan isn’t successful.

It could be that you made a resolution to visit the gym three times a week but you have found it unrealistic, you can reduce it to twice. Doing so is much better than completely throwing in the towel.



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