Apostle Suleman: Stephanie Otobo Reacts To Online Video, Vows To Mention Her Sponsors

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Apostle Suleman: Stephanie Otobo Reacts To Online Video, Vows To Mention Her Sponsors

Stephanie Otobo, the alleged mistress of the founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Suleman Johnson, has reacted to a new video making the rounds on social media.

The Canada-based strip club singer, who had previously accused the cleric of having a sexual relationship with her and subsequently made a U-turn, vowed that she will name her sponsors who gave her money to blackmail the apostle.

TRENDING VIDEO: Stephanie Otobo Admits She Was Heavily Paid By Politicians To Blackmail Suleman

Otobo had on Saturday in Suleiman’s church in Auchi Edo State confessed that she lied against the pastor and sought for forgiveness.

She claimed that she was “heavily paid” by powerful politicians and some pastors to blackmail the Apostle.

However, a video where she accused Suleman of pressurising her to make a false confession did the rounds on social media on Tuesday.

But in a chat with Vanguard, Otobo denied being forced to beg Suleman, adding that she did so to have peace.

She also accused her alleged sponsors of blackmail, stating that they are circulating a video made in June 2017 in the Canada home of a certain Chidi, the guy she claimed was responsible for most of her videos last year, to discredit her.

Otobo said the well-rehearsed video was made as an insurance tool against her in the likely event that she ever exposed the plot by her manipulators.

According to her, “That video was made in June, 2017 and it was made by my manipulators so that they would have something against me in case I ever told the truth.”

She continued: “I was not lured, kidnapped, forced or paid to confess. I confessed for my own peace of mind and my wellbeing as a human being.”

“How much can the Apostle pay me that will match what I was paid, and I am still being offered more, by my sponsors?

“For those of you asking me to mention names, sure, I will mention names in court because they have been sending emails and texts offering me a lot of money but I cannot be manipulated anymore.”



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