6 People You Can’t Afford To Be Shy With

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Having a shy personality has its advantages and it shouldn’t be seen as a huge problem except it begins to affect your social and personal interactions.

The truth is we were all not born the same and just as there will be times when you staying in a shell will not serve you well, a loud person will also have times their being outspoken wouldn’t serve them well.

There are however times you need to let go of your shyness and be a little more outspoken.

More so, there are specific people and situations that warrant you to speak out and let people know your mind. Here are six of such times.

When You’re With Your Best Friend
If you’re not open and free with your close friend, who else can you be free with then? No man is an island and keeping everything bottled up in your mind can put a serious toil on your mental health.

It is important you learn to overcome shyness and open up to your close friend whom you’re sure cares about you.

When You’re With Your Doctor
A lot of people have worsened their conditions or even lost their lives simply because they were shy and couldn’t give their doctors explicit details about their health and medical conditions.

To catch and cure any medical condition, it is mostly required for such to be detected early. And this can only be done by reporting early enough any wrong or untoward thing to your doctor.

As such, being shy and keeping illnesses to yourself or under reporting your symptoms to your health practitioner can be your waterloo.

When You’re Out On A Date
After agreeing to go out on a date with someone, the greatest disservice you can do to yourself is to be shy during the date. This is because the person you’re with wants to get to know you and you shouldn’t disappoint them.

You shouldn’t leave them wondering the reason why you seem withdrawn and secretive as that is not a trait anyone would want an intending partner to have in a relationship. Open up and provide your date with some insight into your life.

When You Have To Do A Presentation
Whether you’re required to do a presentation in school or at work, nobody is going to give you a free pass simply because you are shy. While you deliver a presentation, a number of people will be watching and listening to you and it can be quite easy for you to want to feel nervous and retreat into your shell.

You should however resist the temptation to do so as people are listening and trying to learn from what you have to say and the worst thing you can do is to let them down in such situations.

When You’re Stressed
When you’re tired and feeling stressed about life is not the time to be shy and want to keep those thoughts to yourself.

If you feel like you’re doing so much for people, so much so that you feel drained, it’s best to let go of your shyness and speak out.

As a matter of fact, the people who are the source of the stress might not even know that they’re responsible for it until you stop being shy and speak out.

When You’re At An Interview
Very few things will kill your chances of getting a job faster than appearing shy at an interview. While you shouldn’t come off as brash and lousy, it is essential you give off an air that makes the interviewers see you as a sociable person.

You’re expected to sell yourself at interviews and being shy will be Unfavourable to you to say the least.



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