5 Causes Of Bleeding Gums And How To Stop Them

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A lot of us pay little attention to our mouth asides brushing early in the morning and visiting the dentist when we have serious toothache. A few of us however floss and brush our teeth till our gums begin to bleed and we spit a couple drops of blood into the sink.

The thing however is that bleeding from the gums is not a sign that you properly brushed your teeth but an indication that you may have gum disease such as gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums. This condition usually results from a buildup of bacteria and plaque on your teeth. It is best to do all you can to prevent gum disease as it can wreck havoc to your oral health including tooth loss and severe cases heart disease.

Furthermore, brushing your teeth aggressively is not the only trigger of bleeding gums as a couple of other conditions can cause you to spit out blood after brushing.

Here are 5 conditions that can cause bleeding gums and the right time to visit your dentist.

Hormonal Imbalances
A fluctuation in the hormones in the body can cause you to have bleeding gums. Fluctuation in hormones normally occurs during menstrual periods, puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

This is because the body, especially the gums, naturally becomes more sensitive to plaque which can trigger bleeding.

The most ideal way to deal with this is to make use of a mouth rinse or use an extra floss set to remove any food particles stuck between your teeth while you wait for your body to regulate your hormones once more.

Chronic Illnesses
A number of chronic medical conditions such as leukemia, diabetes, HIV/ AIDS and a number of others can affect the immune system and lead to swollen and bloody gums.

If you find that your gums are bleeding regularly and you’re spitting out blood when you brush your teeth for a couple of weeks continuously, see a dentist to help determine if it’s time for you to see a doctor.


You’re On A Crappy Diet, Sleep-Deprived, or Stressed
Bleeding is more common among tertiary education students because most stay up late, are in a poor diet and are stressed from endless school work. All these things have an impact on the body’s ability to fight inflammation caused by bacteria in the mouth.

You can protect your mouth by eating a sensible diet rich in vitamins C and D, vegetables and proteins which especially help to heal your gum and bones. A faster way to get protection is to add multivitamins into the mix.

The Drugs You’re Taking
A number of drugs including blood pressure medications and antidepressants which particularly cause your mouth to become dry.

A lack of saliva in the mouth allows the proliferation of bacteria which will sometimes result in red, swollen, and sometimes bloody gums.

If you suspect that your prescribed medications are responsible for your bleeding gums, check in with your dentist or doctor about switching your medications or adding drugs that can help keep gum tissues lubricated.

You Missed A Spot While Brushing
It takes takes about a day for bacteria to make your gums inflamed. As such, if you don’t brush or floss your teeth for a day, you’d most likely notice a lift blood when you do.

If this is the case, brush your teeth well by ensuring the bristles of the brush get to all the sneaky spots where bacteria can easily hang out. This should stop your gums from bleeding anytime soon.

If you however brush your teeth well for between seven to fourteen days straight and your gums still bleed, it is best you see a dentist to determine if there’s any underlying cause.



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