Tunisia’s Jaidi Advises African Teams In World Cup

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Former Tunisia defender, Rahdi Jaidi has a note of advice for the five African teams at the World Cup.

Jaidi has advised, Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Tunisia and Morocco to select only players that are worthy of playing at the top level.

The former Bolton defender believes only strong teams should be fielded by Africa’s representatives.

“You need a strong team, strong players who can deal with the standards of the World Cup. Sometimes we don’t have the right balance,” Jaidi told BBC Sport.

“Players are not always ready due to some issues and problems with the federations.”

“Succeeding in football is a great opportunity for the whole country to send a message that Tunisia is trying hard to keep ourselves in a good balance,” he continued.

“Our image faded and we are trying hard to get that image people used to know.

“Going to the World Cup for the first time in 10 years will renew the message of what we have been through and sending a positive message that Tunisia still exists.

“Football has something magical, which can bring enemies together. That is an opportunity to meet, speak, discuss and sort out any problems.”



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