8 Apps Every Modern Man Should Have On Their Phones

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There are a number of common apps you probably have on your phone and they may include Uber, Tinder, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but after that what next? Every modern man requires some form of apps for a variety of reasons ranging from remembering things to editing pictures and knowing what to wear.

If you’re one of those wondering what types of apps you need to have on your phone as a modern dude, here are eight apps you can never go wrong with.

1Password helps you create robust passwords for all of your apps, then store them so you don’t have to remember them. It is apparently a very important app especially for people that have the memory of a goldfish but who are still terrified to set their banking and other important passwords to simple characters like ‘abcd’ and ‘1234’.

Men’s Hairstyles
This app gives you an opportunity to test a new look and hairstyle before you actually head out to the barbershop. Wondering how it does it?

It simply pairs a selfie of yours with a catalogue of potential hairstyles that are edited onto your noggin in a way that’s much more realistic than you can imagine and it does it better than a lot of a rival apps.

This is a premier photo editing app that has been around for a while. This app can help you sharpen, crop, tint, and saturate your pictures before you upload them to Instagram. As such, they add flair and colour to your pictures and make th look like they have just been treated by Instagram’s bog standard filters.

Gilt sets itself apart from other apps of the same category by offering up to 70% discount on designer labels? Another good thing about Gilt is that it is exceptionally easy-to-use and also offers exclusive discounts and sales to its 10 million users scattered all across the world.

You have a list of goals or ideas that you plan to work on? The BucketListly app helps you create a list of your goals, discuss them with experts and other users and record your achievements.

More so, after achieving what you set out for, you can then gloat about it to your mates on social media. Isn’t that awesome?

Evernote will help you remember everything that is easy to forget. From things as trivial as shopping lists to serious things like meetings and anniversaries, you can be sure that this app has your back.

It consolidates links, check lists, tables, attachments, audio recordings, and even handwritten notes into one searchable package to help you remember things easily.

Pocket was previously known as ‘Read It Later’, and the name gives a literal description of what the app does. It helps to provide a reading list of recommended and saved news stories and articles that you can read offline anytime you’re ready or free.

Mr Porter
Mr Porter has over 400 luxury menswear brands on it and they include popular brands like Gucci, Burberry, Saint Laurent, and Balmain to mention a few. The app brings them to your finger tip but you have to be careful before you drill a big hole in your wallet.



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