Here Are 5 Of The Worst Movies So Far Released In 2017

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The sad truth about movies is that no everything that the actors and producers put in the work for will get loved and praised by the viewers. No matter how good a movie year is. There will always be a number of movies that will be disastrous along with those that will be masterpieces.

This year is no different as 2017 has produced some truly great movies and it has also had its on fair share of terrible movies ranging from malformed horror movies and badly made biopics to overbearing blockbusters that all combined to give certain sets of viewers migraine.

All Eyez on Me

All eyez on me
Tupac Shakur was one of the most influential artists of his generation, and if we are to go by that, he definitely deserved a better biopic than All Eyez on Me. Directed by Benny Boom, this movie explores Shakur’s relationship with his drug-addicted mom, his rivalry with the Notorious B.I.G., and his friendship with Jada Pinkett Smith.

The movie however fails as it glosses over the rap career of Tupac, hitting the highlights instead of really digging into his life. Demetrius Shipp Jr. Definitely deserves credit for playing Tupac, but the screenplay and editing made his hard work futile.

Furthermore, the handling of Tupac’s sexual assault case is irresponsible, if not downright sickening. Hopefully, someday soon some future filmmaker will make a Tupac movie that delves a bit deeper into his life.


Collide is Directed and co-written by Eran Creevy, and follows a young crook (Nicholas Hoult) who gives up his life of crime after falling in love with a bartender (Felicity Jones).

But in a tragic twist, his girlfriend needs a kidney transplant, so our lovestruck hero teams up with his old drug dealing boss (Ben Kingsley) for one last score, hoping to steal some coke from a dangerous crime lord (Anthony Hopkins).

Unfortunately, Hoult fails to hold the movie together, added to the fact that the script seems far from great. Nonetheless, you’re going to enjoy watching actors Oscar Winning Actors, Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley reprise their roles under a stunning scenery.

The Bye Bye Man

The bye bye man
This horror movie was written by Jonathan Penner and directed by Stacey Title was released in January of this year but it didn’t quite come good like Split, Get Out, and It Comes at Night.

The Bye Bye Man has been described as an “insult to horror fans,” an “unbelievably inept movie,” and last but not least, “one of the emptiest, nonsensical haunted thrillers ever to fail genre audiences.”

The film deserves the drumming it took from critics as it fails on every level imaginable. From the acting to the directing to the laughably bloodless kills, it was an epic failure. What makes it worse is the fact that the mythology of the bad guy makes little sense, including the hellhound, coins and train.

Hopefully, there won’t be a sequel or followup and you probably shouldn’t waste your time watching it.


Sleepless is an American remake of a French thriller called Sleepless Nights which was the foreign film has been hailed as “one of the best action films of the 21st century.” The English-language adaptation is Directed by Baran bo Odar and has been hailed as the worst kind of movie in the world.

The movie is neither good nor bad but instead lies somewhere in the middle. The plot follows a Las Vegas cop named Vincent (Jamie Foxx) who steals a sizable shipment of cocaine from local drug dealers; naturally, the criminals aren’t happy, and they kidnap his son. Soon enough, Foxx goes into Taken mode, but his rescue attempts are hampered by a persistent internal affairs officer (Michelle Monaghan) and a nasty knife wound in his side.

While it sounds like a promising premise, it would be advisable for you to check out the original instead, because some critics have claimed the movie actually put them to sleep.

The Shack

The shack
The Shack is a best-selling novel about grief, guilt, and God published In 2007 and written by author, William P. Young. It made it to the big screens Ten years later, starring Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, and Tim McGraw.

The plot of the movie centers around Mack (Worthington), an American dad with an Australian accent who lost his daughter to a serial killer. Years later, he’s still struggling, but things take a turn when he gets a letter from the Lord.

The Almighty wants Mack to visit the cabin where his daughter was murdered, and once Mack arrives, he’s greeted by Jesus (Avraham Aviv Alush), the Holy Spirit (Sumire Matsubara), and God the Father (Spencer), also known as “Papa.”

All four spend the rest of the movie hashing over Mack’s issues, working their way toward forgiveness and happiness, and breezing past the fact that Mack murdered his own dad. Bored yet?



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