5 Things That Can Help You Take A Girl Home From A Nigerian Club

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There are a lot of things that are unique to the Nigerian environment. These include our culture, food, way of life and every other thing in between.

Same also goes for our entertainment life as there are things that are peculiar to our social life. If you go to a Nigerian club on a Friday or Saturday night, chances are its going to be fully packed with young adults looking for fun.

A lot of the women you’d get to meet in the club will most likely be beautiful, single and on the lookout for young men.

Furthermore, a sizable number you meet will most likely be drunk or tipsy and will be open to going home with you if you go about it the right way.

Despite the fact that it’s not advisable to go home with someone you hardly know for moral and security purposes, you can still go ahead if you’re certain all will be safe.

Here are 5 things that can help you take a girl home from a Nigerian club.

Look Sharp
One thing that will likely have a lot of girls swooning and willing to go home with you is your appearance. Dressing well can never be overemphasised.

There’s a high chance that a Nigerian woman will go out of her way to approach you if she finds your dressing and general appearance appealing. Women will flirt and feel comfortable with you if you dress well which will most likely increase your chances of going home with one.

Don’t Act Needy
Alright. So you’re in the club with your pals dancing to wizkid’s song with a glass of drink on the table.

The next thing on your mind is how you’re going to get the fine shorty you’re dancing with home with you. It’s best you don’t show her how much you need her to go home with you. Act cool and enjoy the dancing.

Occasionally lean to her and try to know the basics about her. If she’s enjoying your company, she’d probably bulge but if she gives you the cold shoulder, lean back and allow her come on to you.

Go Out With Friends That Are Good With Women
It’s cool to have a wide array of friends with different characters including the old, young, opposite sex, married, single, the cassanovas and those that sulk with women.

Diversity is important but when you’re thinking of having a pickup from the club, go with friends that will help you achieve your desire.

Since Nigerian girls typically go out in groups of twos or three’s, it’s essential you also go out in the same number. Your friends that are good in the game can easily talk to the friends of the girl you have an intention of taking home which will make your job easier overall.

Spend Some Cash
Money makes the world go round and spending some cash on a drink or two for the girl you intend to take home and her friends is a sure way of getting her to warm up to you.

You should however not go go overboard with spending as she may just see you as a ticket to having fun in the club and nothing more.

Go To Clubs That Suit You
An array of clubs exist in Nigeria and having a good knowledge of the club scene will not only help you save some cash but also help you get the kind of girl that suits your specifications.

Every club has its own vibe and type of women that hangout there. Some clubs belong to upscale neighbourhoods while others are in middle class areas. Your attending any of them however depends on your financial strength and how much you’re willing to spend.

Go for the ones you can afford and chances are you’d meet a girl that will suit your person for a take home romp.

If you’re finally able to get someone that agrees to go home with you, be sure to have as much fun as possible while remembering that safety comes first.



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