5 Things That Show She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

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Women are perhaps the most confusing gender. Men can also be complicated too but it usually comes in a different kind of way.

While it is not the fault of women, they seem not just to be able to avoid confusing men especially when it comes to expressing their feelings. As a man who has been caught up in this kind of Web, it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out if a woman who you have your eyes on is actually interested in you.

One positive thing however is that you really don’t have to be able to read her mind for you to know if she wants to be your girlfriend.

When you’re done with this article, you most like will be able to read the important signs that can help you tell if that woman you’ve got your eyes on likes you enough to want to date you.

She Asks To Hang out With Only You Often
She’d definitely will hangout with you as friends because that’s what friends do most times.

If you however discover that she’s willing to hang out more often with you alone than with any of her other friends, most especially when your mutual friends are absent, it may mean that she likes you a lot as a friend or she really likes you and wants you all for herself.

The Hugs Linger
For a lot of women, hugs are an intimate way of showing their love and affection. That is why a lot of women heir friends that they haven’t seen in a while for minutes on end. A woman that is interested in you will definitely want to hug you and allow the hug linger for extra seconds.

More so, some women also use long hugs to absorb or take in the scent of the man they like. While it may sound creepy, she may just want to have your smell on lock down in her head because of the lovely way you smell.

If her hug seems a few seconds too long, it’s not you thinking things in your head, she just might really be into you.

She Has A Genuine Interest In Your Life
A woman that is interested in you will obviously want to know what is going on in your life. She wants to hear your life story from the time you were just an infant to the time when you’re asking her to be your girlfriend.

She wants to know your childhood memories, likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams — she basically wants to know everything.

If she’s asking you everything and trying to engage in conversation, asides from trying to make small talk because she wants to be polite, you have obviously caught her attention.

It means she’s making a huge step to determine if you’d be a compatible partner for her.

The questions may range from something as simple as “What do you do for fun?” or “What are you siblings like?” to “where do you hope to be in 5 years?” Questions like these help her to dig a little deeper to know you and it also provides her with the opportunity to share a little something about herself.

She Introduces You To Her Friends
While this may seem entirely normal, there’s a liklihood that she’s doing this because she wants you. She wants to see how you behave around her friends, and to see what her friends think of you.

Women especially hold the opinion of their best friends in high esteem and that is a signal that she is interested in you.

She Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Your Body
When you crack jokes that even you know that it’s not funny and instead of her to keep a straight face, she playfully slaps your hand and let her touch linger for a second or two, she’s most likely interested in being your girlfriend.

It may also be that you’re in the cinemas watching a movie and you know you’re not imagining the fact that she’s leaning close into you with her elbow and shoulder touching your body and staying there, there’s a spark she’s brewing and hoping you’d ignite.



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