5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Greatest Showman This Holiday

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Greatest Showman
– The Greatest Showman is based on an incredible true life musical biography that tells a story of P.T. Barnum who founded one of the most famous circus in the world.
– Directed by Damien Chazelle, The Greatest Showman has bagged 3 Golden Globe nominations since it release in the United states.
– The movie stars Hollywood veteran Hugh Jackman as its lead character and High school musical star Zack Efron who s​parked romance co-Disney channel star Zendaya. The movie also stars heavyweight Michelle Ingrid Williams who plays Hugh Jackman wife.
– The Greatest Showman features a brand new original soundtrack writing by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul who happen to be the music genius behind the hit musical in La La Land and won an Oscar for “City of Stars.
The Greatest Showman had an estimated opening day gross of $2.5million.
The movie which stuns with its remarkable celebration of music, creativity, diversity and imagination premieres in Nigerian​ cinemas on​ Friday ​December 29, 2017.

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