4 Ways Butts Can Make Sex More Awesome

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You’ve probably heard that booty play can do a lot to spice up your sex life whether you have an idea of how it does so or not.

The truth is a huge source of attraction for some guys and they do pay it a lot of attention during sex. There’s however one area that you should pay attention to whether you’re an amateur or a professional and that’s your butt cheeks.

The pillowed and fleshy area can be an incredible area of stimulation during foreplay or sex. And we don’t just mean anal sex or doggy-style sex.

The cheeks of the butt can be engaged in a manner that will add a lot of erotic value while also giving you pleasure that is akin to having an orgasm when you go all the way.

If you’re wondering what you have to do to bring you and your partner’s butt into the mix during your time in the sack, check out these 4 tips.

Pay And Squeeze Attention To Them
Grabbing your woman’s ass the old fashioned way brings a lot of sexual tension and power. A woman’s butt cheeks are good for grabbing and holding on to while thrusting in doggy-style. But to give you both the ‘wow’ experience, you have to be strategic about how you place your hands on her booty.

You can try putting your hands around the cleft area while ensuring your fingertips have a grip on the area around her anus.

This area is especially sensitive for both males and females because there are lots of nerve endings in this area which are connected to the genitals which makes touching the area a very erotic experience for your partner.

Spank The Butt
Soft and light spanks can do a lot to make sex an interestingly awesome experience. It however has its own techniques if you ever hope to get a deep and intense sexual feeling.

It’s best you spank lightly, the bottom swell of the butt cheeks to get a deep sensual feeling. Ensure that the first spank is soft, light, gentle and done in the most sensual way possible.

A big sudden smack is a turn off for most people, as such, it’s best you know exactly what style your partner enjoys before going ahead with this.

Pull The Butt Apart
Since there are nerves connecting the inside of the butt and her genitals, pulling her butt cheeks apart will give her a very satisfying experience. Pushing her butt together can also be very stimulating for her. The key is to find out what turns you and her on.

Vary The Positions
To get the best out of your butt, it is important you try out different positions. This is so because switching styles can help you discover newer things about each other and how to get the best form of pleasure from different styles.

You can also learn how to integrate butt plays into your makeout sessions. Good styles to try include doggy style and reverse cowgirl. You can add up more styles as you go further.



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