4 Foods You Shouldn’t Be Storing In Your Freezer

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If you go to a lot of Nigerian homes and take a look in their freezers, most are overflowing with foods stored for eating at a later time.

A lot of the time, people store foods in their freezers for frugality or convenience sake since buying foods in bulk is much more economical than doing so in bits.

It’s not a bad idea to buy foods in bulk and freeze them, if you’re storing the right type of foods. Certain foods, especially frozen foods (meat, and chicken especially) and frozen fruits and vegetables as they are most times as healthy as their fresh counterparts.

As such, there’s no harm in sealing up any extras and storing them in the freezer till when you can eat them again.

There are some foods however that you shouldn’t store in the freezer, not only to create more space but also to to ensure you’re consuming them healthy. Here are some foods you probably never knew should be in the freezer.

Fried Food
It is always difficult to let go of any form of fried foods from plantain to yam and fried rice because of their sweet taste. Storing leftover fried foods in the freezer because you want to retain and eat later on the delicious food is never the answer.

Morereason being that the moment you bring the food out of the freezer, the crispy fried layer that you love about the food would have become soggy and no matter how much you microwave the food or even heat them in the oven, the food will never give you the right taste.

Yogurt And Any Kind Of Sour Cream
It is usually tempting to want to stock up on sour creams and yogurt when they go up on sale at cheap prices.

It is however important you take caution and not stock up too much for storage in your freezer as there’s a liklihood that they would get to their expiration date before you get to consume them.

Furthermore, freezing and thawing yogurt frequently tends to make the yogurt molecules separate, making it become grainy. Once yogurt becomes grainy, the texture is never the same again and this gives an after taste and particles in the mouth.

Furthermore, even if you’re going to use it as an ingredient in making other foods, it leaves particles no matter how much you mix it. The same goes for any type of sour milk and the best bet is to keep them out of your freezer and place in the refrigerator instead.

This one is common with coffee lovers who make use of a coffee maker to make their favourite drink. Some people are tempted to store their coffee beans in the freezer in an attempt to make it last for as long as possible but there is a downside to this.

Storing your coffee in the freezer will not in any way preserve the taste of the coffee. Freezers usually fluctuate as you open and close the door, and this results in a regular change in the temperatures of the freezer.

This change in temperature can cause a change in the cellular structure of the beans, which can in turn change the flavour and aroma of your favourite drink.

More so, coffee beans are porous, and have a tendency to absorb the flavours of any food stored in close proximity to them which can give you an absurd taste when you decide to use them.

There’s a chance that you’ve never stored your jar of mayonnaise in the freezer but there’s a high probability that you’ve stored your salad in the freezer at one time or the other.

Storing any food containing mayonnaise in the freezer is a No! This is because mayonnaise tends to separate when it is thawed out and this will leave you only with an oily, clumpy, curdled mess that you just can’t enjoy seeing or eating.



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