#360TvSeries: This Is Us Reunites The Big Three in New Photos From Season Two Episode Eleven

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The midseason finale of This Is Us was quite interesting and awkward for our favorite family on TV.

If you recall, we left things with Kevin being arrested for a DUI—with Randall’s daughter, Tess, in the backseat. Of course, Kevin didn’t know Tess was in the backseat. He arrived at Randall’s house drunk and disheveled and wanted to talk to his brother. However, when Randall blew him off to give Kate a phone call, Kevin left the house in a drunken fit, and Tess accidentally jumped in his backseat. It was a really distressing way to end the first half of season two, and it left us with many questions.

Are Kevin and Randall about to have a major falling-out?

New photos that NBC released this week from the next episode offer a few details. Take this one of the Big Three, for example. Randall, Kate, and Kevin seem to be completely at peace with each other, which suggests that the two brothers eventually make amends.

In flashback photos, Mom and Pop Pearson take the kids on what looks like a vacation in the woods. A few things: Rebecca is reading The Joy Luck Club in one photo and wearing a groovy robe in another; Kate and Jack visit an ice cream shop, a stop we imagine (but hope we’re wrong) will be fraught with feeeelings; and you just know that Kevin is going to mock Randall’s book and then go sulk and read his comics, right?

This Is Us comes back January 9 on NBC.




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