What Women Think Of The Different Types Of Tattoos Men Ink On

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Asides the fact that tattoos are loved by the young and wild, quite a number of women are drawn to men who have ink on certain parts of their body.

Despite the fact that women are drawn to men with tattoos, that doesn’t mean rushing to get one is the way to go. As a matter of fact, women are drawn to tats that are of a sentimental value or have a good story behind them.

Here are what women think of the different types of ink designs out there and you can take a cue before from this information before getting one.

Tattoos With A Story
Women enjoy learning the story behind your tat as it can make them feel they know something about you a lot of people don’t. Whether it’s lyrics to your favourite song or important dates, she sure wants to know the story behind it.

The Floral Designs
Surprisingly, women see men that are able to rock tattoos With floral designs, buds or blossoming trees as secure men. It is incredibly sexy for women to see their men confidently rock a black or colourful tat.

Full-Sleeve Tattoos
Full-Sleeve Tattoos shows that you’re the type of man that gets fully committed to anything they set their mind on and doesn’t stick to the rules. The message from this is one women love, especially if they don’t read too much into it.

The Quarter- or Half-Sleeve Designs
Irrespective of the type of environment you work in, be it business or casual settings, you have to be totally sure before deciding to ink this on.

Buttoned-up shirts can hide your upper arm tattoo all through the working days of the week, and you can allow them peek out as you roll up your sleeves.

Having a quarter or half-sleeve tat gives you off as a sexy guy that she can be herself around without expecting anything extreme.

The Embarrassing Ink
Some designs are embarrassing to say the least. No woman will be attracted to your tat if you have the twitter bird on your arm or some crazy fetish design lying anywhere around on your body.

Nonetheless, she may love you if you can back up your embarrassing tattoo with a humorous story that can get her reeling with laughter.

The Clever Tats
Women don’t like regular and that also goes for your ink. Whatever designs or words you use, be sure to ensure they are clever enough to arouse her curiosity.

A clever phrase shows you’re humorous but be sure the joke behind it is not lame or creepy.

Spiritual Tattoos
Women are much more spiritual than men, even though not all are into spirituality. If your woman is one that is or you’re interested in spirituality, you can get a tattoo that shows your commitment to your faith.

It doesn’t have to be explicit and it is a turn on for women. You should however avoid the clichés, like crosses, stars and moon shapes.

The Scientific Ink
If you’re a science person, you can get creative with your tat by incorporating science into your design. Mathematical equations and scientific quotes can incredibly blow her mind.

While she may not be a geek or science enthusiast, a nerdy tattoo is a good conversation starter in a bar at anytime.




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