All The Ways You Can Let That Special Woman Know You Want To Focus On Her Only

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As you grow older and get exposed to varieties, it gets more difficult for you to stop seeing other people and focus on only one woman. It is even more difficult flowing from the game you displayed at the bar, or at the mall when you met your new lady friend to can when you feel the time has come to convey to her that you’d like to be exclusive.

Tell Her You Don’t want To See Other People
This is a sure way to take your relationship to the next level and despite the fact that it is an old trick in the book, it still works. The only thing you have to be sure of is that when she tells you “OK,” she knows that means you don’t want her to see other people and neither should you.

What Are We Doing Here?
Not only women are keen about asking this question. It also offers you the opportunity to tell if she’s down with her being the only woman when she endeavours to answer the said question. Moreover, you’d also be setting a precedent that you’re in charge of how the relationship progresses.

How Am I Supposed To Describe You Tonight?
This is a brilliant way of letting her know she’s about to be your only woman. Picking her up for a date when she’s all decked up and asking her this verbatim will knock her off her feet. She may however counter with something like “What are you talking about?” And that’s when you can tell her that, “Do I introduce you just by name, or as the woman I’ve been seeing or what?”

That’s the moment everything gets cute and you will likely hear her say, “How do you want to introduce me?” or “How about as your girlfriend?” And it will be wonderful. You may just be able to squeeze in a quickie before the party.

Just Call Her Your Girlfriend
After calling her your girlfriend, you can proceed to ask her if it was OK that you did that, and if she seems a bit put off by the whole thing you can back out by telling her “I didn’t know how to introduce you without prompting a lot of questions” excuse.

You should however let her know that you’re fine with going forward at her pace and assure her that you’re not picking out engagement rings or anything, except of course if you are…

“I’d like you to meet my parents.”
Very few things tells a lady you’re serious than saying this, except you’re still living with your parents and she calls in regularly. You can say it nonchalantly, while letting her know that they’re a blast and that she’ll love them (and them her).

Make it sound like an idea, instead of a request and if she agrees, let her in on the fact that you don’t do this often and this will likely put her in that special position you want.

Ensure She Checks The Boxes
You can simply take things back to the good old days when you pass paper to a girl you like and it will read, “Do you want to go out with me?” with a YES box and a NO box directly below the question. She would then need to put a checkmark in the applicable box.

It is a cute, romantic way of letting your intentions known. More so, if she wasn’t previously getting serious about you this might get her to reassess. Do it via text from across the room.

Bring Up Your Ex
This sounds like a crazy way to express yourself but if you find an ex contacting you or you ran into one, tell the new woman in your life straightaway. After telling her and you find her acting like it’s not a big deal, while you observe her holding her phone tight, let her know the reason you’re telling her this. Tell her you just want to be open, that you don’t want to have secrets and that you hope that she’s doing the same.

Give Her The Keys
Give her the keys to your place and everything falls into place.



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