These Are The Troubles You’re Likely To Face When Looking For A Job

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With the country slowly getting out of recession, unemployment is still a burgeoning issue affecting all strata of society. Gaps in employment history is a common factor limiting a lot of people at the moment and it will most likely come up whenever you submit job applications.

Asides from the sometimes glaring nepotism during recruitment, employers sometimes avoid hiring job seekers who have been out of work for a while alongside some other salient factors.

Here are likely problems you’re likely to face looking for a job at the moment.

High Number Of Prospective Candidates
At the moment, there are too many job seekers jostling for little available jobs. More so, a lot of applicants assume they are the best fit for openings they apply for, whereas they are one of a hundred other applicants for the same job.

A lot of the other candidates will likely be as qualified as you are and your Curriculum Vitae or online applications would most likely be chosen after being sorted for key words that are related to education, skills and accomplishments.

You may have your application rejected for reasons unrelated to the “job gaps” on your resume that may be an unknown factor given that automated searches may have ruled out your application.

Poor Resume Quality
The quality of your resume can go a long way in determining if your application gets accepted or not. The job of most recruiters is to quickly sort through large volumes of resumes and research has shown that as much as 90 percent of resumes end up in the thrash bin because the experiences on them don’t match the job and because of a poor quality resume.

A lot of resumes contain tiny margins, small font size, irrelevant information and boring descriptions of work experiences. Correct these problems and you may find yourself getting that desired job.

The Interview
A Gap in your job experience may cause you to lose out on a job but sometimes it may not be due to that only but more about how you explain that gap during the interview. When asked why you have such gaps, avoid saying things like “That company was so poorly managed…” or “I decided to take some time off”.

This is because majority of human resources professionals and recruiters know that people will get laid off and some will quit for a variety of reasons which has nothing to do with their accomplishments on the job.

Focusing too much on explaining why it’s not your fault for leaving the job will raise red flags which can determine if you get chosen or not.

Moreover, being poorly prepared for an interview can cause you to answer questions poorly or incorrectly and a lot of organisations are particular about the way you fit in with them. This will cause interviewers to consider if you have the right skills despite your job gaps by analysing your skills, education and accomplishments.

Also, chances are if you’ve been granted an interview, your “job gap” did little to affect the recruiters choice for calling you for an initial screening. If you end up not getting the job, it’s probably due to other factors such as those mentioned above which may include a lack of practice before the interview and preparing poorly for the interview.

A Check On Your Social Media Pages
Studies have shown that a lot of organisations routinely use independent agencies to perform background checks on applicants and reference them. This alone offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to turning a good interview into a bad one where you fail to get the job.

How How you explain your job gaps on your LinkedIn profile? Or what does your former supervisor have to say about your person?
More so, your political leanings and the information you provide on your social media pages can either work for or against you.

Do well to portray yourself in a good and appropriate manner at all times.
If you have a strong resume prepare and practice prior to your interview and have positive light on social media, your job gaps and the recession will have nothing on you.



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