All The Things Women Notice The Moment You Walk Up To Them

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Women have been proven to be much more perceptive than men and will notice even the most subtle things than men would usually not acknowledge.

From the moment you take the bold decision as a man to walk up to a lady, she’s most probably sizing you up already and making a mental calculation of whether all she sees is enough for her to smile and give you her number for you to reach out to her later on.

There are a number of critical things she needs to get off her checklist, and here are a number that ranks top on the scale of preferences of most women.

Your Manner Of Greeting
The way and manner you greet her when you walk up to her goes a long way in determining if you move on to the next level. Whether you’re giving a handshake or hugging, it is important that you have the highest level of confidence when executing your greeting.

What we mean by this is that you should accompany your greeting with a genuine smile, warm and jovial personality. If you’re giving her a handshake, be sure not to make it too firm.

Your Manners
And by this, we don’t mean you holding the door open for her to pass or pulling out seats for her at a restaurant. What she’s looking out for is the way you treat the people around you.

She wants to know if you’d be able to maintain eye contact with her when you talk, if you stay away from your phone when you’re with her and the way you talk to people waiting on you. Basic courtesy is what she wants, nothing corny.

The Class And Style Of Your Shoes
We said it earlier that when it comes to perception, women are steps ahead of men and this especially comes through when it comes to recognising subtle things such as your shoes. No matter your occupation, be sure to wear clean shoes at all times and you’d be glad you did.

Dress shoes will especially score you more points with women, but monkstraps, boots, flip flops and an array of others can still do the Magic when worn appropriately for the right occasions. Wearing a good pair of shoes matched with a nice outfit can give her the impression that you’re a man of style that pays attention to details.

Your Choice Of Timepiece
The type of wristwatch you wear can help to give her an insight into your sense of style and if it matches with hers. While she doesn’t necessarily want to see a very expensive timepiece, neither does she want to see a cheap rubber digital watch you’ve picked up from road side sellers.

Your Dentition
The way your teeth is does not only indicate how well you look after yourself but it can also be a key factor when you’re out on a date and a kiss is on the cards. The fact is that no one wants to kiss a set of teeth that hasn’t seen care for ages.

If you’re able to keep your teeth pearly white and in good condition, you can easily show them off with a grin and you’d most likely get a compliment for it.

The Sculpting Of Your Forearms 
Of course, she would notice the more obvious things like your eyes, hair and clothes but she’s also looking out for those tones forearms that can help indicate if you take exercise and your health seriously. She’s probably also imagining the arms wrapped around her in a cuddle.



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