All The Things She Says That You Think Doesn’t Mean No (But Actually Does)

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Women are complicated creatures. Some are quite comfortable delivering a succinct “NO” when asked out on a date. Others not so much as they may choose to kick the can down the road, hoping that you will eventually get the hint, or they decline without saying the actual word “no.”

The bottom line however is that Not only does no mean no, a whole lot of other answers means no too. Like the responses below.

“Work is quite tight right now.”
Chances are work is crazy but it sure shouldn’t be too tight for her to squeeze out an hour of her time for you. A woman that appears interested enough to try to find some time, but complains about how slammed she is these days is saying no, dude.

“Let Me think about it.”
Even if she eventually does a 180 turn and dates you, there’s a banner start to a relationship, and a killer story for your children lying somewhere in there when you tell them “Mom told me she’d think about it the first time I asked her out, ” but she most won’t come around anyway.

“Call me.”
This is quite tricky but the fact remains that a woman that has a real connection with you from a bar or any other place will want you to lock her down when you take her out right then and there. The “call me” afterwards, affords her an opportunity for what many refer to as the “long, slow goodbye,” which sincerely is what she’s looking for.

“Give me your number.”
She probably wouldn’t. OK. Maybe she will. It could be her way of making sure you go on that date with her and to make sure that she’s in control. The fact however is that it’s a longshot and you just shouldn’t have the patience to stay around for something that won’t be forthcoming.

“I’m dying.”
This one is definitely not a God sign. The chances that she really contracted a disease or has cancer is slim. You’re in the middle of a typical Mills and booms novel that will have its own fair share of great moments, but you’d most likely end up with the short end of the stick. Not a good sign.

“I’m moving.”
In the days of Skype and lots of other video calling apps, two people who are genuinely interested in each other, whether they met at a bar after one drunken night or met in church have an opportunity to see if there’s something more there.
Ask yourself, when exactly is this move? Is she surrounded by colleagues throwing her a send-off party? If the answers don’t correlate, then she means no.

“I don’t live around here.”
Whether she does or not, she won’t be bothered about the distance if she has an intention of sticking with you. While she may not be lying, it could be she’s testing you to know how much interested you are in her. You know what it definitely isn’t? A yes.

“Here’s ‘my number.”
High chance it’s a fake number. We’ve all met that one woman that gave us a wrong number and it is mostly the one that see us as a bother. In this modern world however , where you have instant messaging delivered by the second,and her spot promptly blown up, it’s quickly going out of style.

“I’m just getting out of a relationship”
This is when your timing should be perfect but it’s usually not. This statement has always been perplexing to the average man simply because Rebound makes a lot of us cringe. The long and short of it however is that she’s saying no.

“I’ll meet you again here this time next week.”
She may. She may not. But the fact is at present, it’s a no. F you to see her again, you will have to hang around the same place every week at that exact same time, for months. Except you’re a dog waiting for its owner to return, take it as a no.



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