Television Shows You Would Definitely Love If You’re A Fan Of Horror Flicks

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The OA


There are a number of horror television shows that have made the time of viewers over the years but there are very interesting ones that have come around in the last decade. One of these horror Flicks is Stranger Things,that has so far captured the world’s imagination and it has paid off.

Netflix have the show to thank for its ratings as it performed better than both House of Cards and Daredevil. There are however lots of very good Television shows that capture one element or another of the horror Flicks fans have loved over time. Here are a number of horror Flicks that you can watch to satisfy your thirst of weird science, small-town horror, and sweet synthesizers.


Hannibal Lecter was just a psychiatrist and foodie trying out elaborate new dishes that the recipe are better left unknown before he became a famous resident of the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane’s most famous resident. This television show is not for the faint hearted as it is gory and extremely disturbing which makes it surprising that it could pass through the censors board.

The series is however beautifully shot with an engaging storyline that brings you into the fever dreams of Lecter’s favorite patient, Will Graham, and takes you on some Upside Down-like journeys.

Twin Peaks

Twin peaks
This show first came to television in 1991 and it has set the tone for just about every small-town supernatural mystery that followed. The show is based on the story of FBI agent Dale Cooper who comes to the Washington logging town to help investigate the murder of a high school girl. He soon gets drawn into the interpersonal dramas and creepy business dealings of dozens of the quirky residents of the quiet town.

The characters of the show were exceptional and the show also featured its own take on “the Upsidedown” in the form of the Black Lodge, an extradimensional location where you meet your own “shadow self.”

The go thing about this show is that it made a return this year, 25 years after the original series went off the air, with many of the original cast members, plus newcomers like Laura Dern, Brett Gelman, and Trent Reznor.

The OA

The OA
This science fiction series will be coming to Netflix in December. The OA follows the story of Prairie Johnson, who returns to her family in a Michigan suburb seven years after she mysteriously vanished. The twist inherent on this show is the fact that Prairie was blind prior to her disappearance, but her sight miraculously got restored.

During the course of eight episodes, viewers will learn about her story, or the story as she knows it. With a lot of horror elements incorporated into the show based mostly on mysterious dimensions reminiscent of the Upside Down, you’re bound to enjoy the show.

Channel Zero

Channel zero
If you’re looking for a television show that will creep you out, t channel Zero is the one one you. The first season of channel Zero basically consisted of six-episodes and the story followed child psychologist, Mike Painter, who returns to the small hometown where his twin brother vanished years earlier.

His brother is however not the only child that went missing and he soon discovers that the happenings in the town is somehow tied to a bizarre children’s series called Candle Cove. Season two of the show which was titled No End House, debuted earlier this year with a different set of character and plot.

Wayward Pines

Wayward pines
Like the television show, Stranger Things, the Duffer Brothers are also in charge of Wayward Pines, where they cut their teeth in production. The show draws many of the same elements common with horror Flicks including small-town supernatural mystery tropes. FBI agent Ethan Burke heads to a small Idaho town to investigate a disappearance but soon finds out that he can’t leave.

Unfortunately, Wayward Pines only lasted two seasons as it appears that it lost its footing when it shifted it’s tone from mysterious investigation to pew-pew action. The tone and atmosphere of the show is however an exciting one where you learn what the strange creatures in the woods are and get scared just the way you want to.




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