The Surprising Apps Through Which You Can Meet Women On Your Phone

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The world has incredibly moved forward with the advancement in technology and apps development so much so that almost everything can be done from our phones.

As such, if you’re reading this, you’re living in modern times and you have little excuse to not meet women. There’s no need for you to frequent religious gatherings, the library or scan to meet women women in public buses and places as your smartphone can make you meet the woman you desire.

There are lots of dating apps out there such as Tinder, Hinge, Happn and Bumble to choose from but there’s a chance you’re tired of seeing Bots, meeting fake people, having cramped thumbs or generally bored of swiping and going through thousands of profiles.

So, what’s the best way to meet women this age without having to resort to sending mass messages to women which may lead to mundane conversations or no replies?

Here are a number of apps that serve as unconventional means through which you can meet women without you having to leave your home to make a connection suitable for dating and perhaps a life connection.

There are few apps that has more social stalkers than Instagram and it’s dating function went to the next level the moment the app introduced direct messaging.

Furthermore, Instagram is more or less a filtered collection of the positive memories of your life and has the sole intention of enticing everyone that visits your page such as a prospective hookup. Lots of people have found a market for selling their wares, lasting friendships and even love through business and poetic profiles.

The sooner you begin to see this app as more of a dating site, the higher the chances of you getting the woman you desire.

Meetup helps you find people that live nearby and share common interests with you. All the app requires is for you to enter your hobbies which may range from anything from pets, literature, sports, movies to music.

All you need do is leave your house and attend group meetings of your interest at any area close to you. There are a lot of legitimate gatherings available and it doesn’t get any easier to meet a woman that shares common interests with you than this.

The uberPOOL app has been around for some time but the latest improvement gives you the option to share a ride and the cost of your transportation with another person going the same way as you.

Alternatively, it functions as a blind date where you can strike a conversation with someone you don’t know. More so, chances are, you won’t be the only person looking for love, especially from a night out.

Using this app may not only get to your destination but may also get you laid.

For all those men interested in meeting strangers alone, this is a good app that allows you meet as a team. The Grouper app helps you to anonymously choose friends of friends to meet, and when you make a match, it will help you set up drinks between your friends and theirs.

A good thing about Grouper is that it doesn’t force you to exchange awkward messages and all you need do is show up. If the meetup fails, you’ve got a backup in your friends.

Meet My Dog
This one is a good app for pet lovers and what better way to kick off something good than someone that loves your pet? Meet My Dog is a social app that is based on location and also helps you to make your favourite pet meet other dogs.

What this means is that you will also get to meet the pet owners. While your finds a new friend, you also can find a woman that holds your interests.



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