Science Says It’s Best For Women To Masturbate After Their Periods

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Crazy as it may seem, advancement in science has helped humanity beyond measure. From technology to medicine, science has proved time and time again that what we still have to learn is limitless.

Recent research seems to let go of our old stereotypes and one of such points to the positive effects of masturbation on women experiencing periodic cramps.

Women experiencing cramps during their periods have long helped relieve their pains by wearing elastic-waist pants, using certain drugs and treating themselves to bowls of ice cream.

New research however says menstruating women can show them more love through a different means- masturbation.

Why Masturbate During Your Periods?
A lot of sexuality experts agree that your period is the best time to masturbate and for good reasons too. Sexuality and relationships expert, Dr. Logan Levkoff is of the opinion that a lot of people tend to see the menstruation period as a time when they should shut down, because their regular life is on hold.

As a matter of fact, experts consider doing so as stupid because a lot of people women do not understand the way and manner their body works during the menstrual period.

Link Between Periods And Sexual Libido
Researchers at the University of Chicago have established that women tend to be more Horny during their periods.

They call the period the “sexual phase,” which is described as a six-day period which begins three days before the hormone responsible for triggering ovulation (luteinizing hormone) increases during your period.

The researchers also found that women were not just more sexually active during the six day periods when they were menstruating, but they also tend to have more sexual fantasies.

Moreover, even though it was discovered that women with regular sexual partners had a more robust sexual desire, single women were also found to experience almost almost same level of loneliness and desire if a man was absent or present respectively.

Furthermore, a study conducted at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville found that women tend to be more satisfied when they masturbated and had orgasms during their menstruation cycles than at other times.

Benefits Of Masturbating During Your Periods
With feminism around, one good benefit of masturbating during your periods is way of fighting misogyny and patriarchal stigmas. For one, research shows that having an orgasm during your periods can be much more intense.

They can also help to decrease menstrual cramps while you enjoy the pleasure of orgasm.

Furthermore, when you experience orgasm, your body tends to release certain hormones including dopamine and oxytocin which are natural pain relievers which can help to reduce even the worst period cramps.

More so, experiencing an orgasm during your periods can also help you forget the pain by inducing sleep which is an important health benefit.

As such, when next you’re experiencing pre-menstrual syndrome and painful cramps, you may want to get your hands useful and spend some quality time alone. If you’re worried about making a bloody mess, trust your towels to come in handy.



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