The Reasons You’re Not Getting A Feedback From Your Job Applications

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Whether we like it or not, some of your job applications ate bound to be rejected and it has little to do with your personality or quality of the applications. There are a number of other salient factors outside the obvious that you probably may not know that helps determine the outcome of your applications.

The truth is a lot of the time, there are things that we fail to pay attention to and if we knew about, will most likely have helped us done better.

If you find yourself sending out lots of applications and getting very little feedback or getting rejections, perhaps it is time to consider if there are things you’ve been doing wrong. Read along and see the five things affecting your applications which you got wrong when applying for your dream job.

You Failed To Answer Questions
If a job vacant requests for a particular piece of information, there’s a high chance that such information is valuable in the selection process and will be important in determining who gets the job. A lot of companies and organisations put in a lot of effort into filtering applications and so do interviewers. If you’re asked to give an answer, be sure to do so.

Never wait till the interview stage to answer certain questions as if you don’t answer what is asked of you now, you may never get a chance to later on.

Lying On Your Application
It’s best to be as truthful as possible. While it may seem hard, it will pay you on the long run. Never falsely represent yourself or the experience you have. Avoid plagiarising too as the consequences would be bad. Try and be as accurate as possible and you’d be glad you did.

You Failed To Follow Directions
A failure to follow the instructions in job adverts is responsible for the failure of you proceeding to the next stage in getting your dream job. As such, it is important you follow the instructions spelt out in job vacancies to the letter. Remember to always send your online file applications according to the specific format required.

If you’re asked to send your documents in PDF formats, never send them in Microsoft Word format. If double-spacing is required, a plain text format or a specific number of pages, ensure you do as you’re told.
More so, if you’re required to write an essay, show your creativity through your writing style and tell them why you’re the best person for the job.

Remember to follow the instructions and never exceed what is required of you.

You Fail To Explain Gaps In Your Work History
Don’t ever assume that people in charge of assessing your job application won’t notice significant gaps in your work history. It’s best to account for such gaps through your cover letter and never be shy to make your personal and professional accomplishments known during the time you’re out of job.

Your Curriculum Vitae Is Filled With Careless Mistakes
There’s a reason you have spellcheck and auto correct. It is not only embarrassing to submit a resume and application with spelling and grammatical errors but also tells the recruiter you’re not suitable for the opening.

You have spellcheck for a reason. Formatting errors and a misuse of industry terminologies should also be avoided and you can avoid this by proofreading your applications several times.



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