The Reasons She Will Rather Watch Television, Than Make Out With You

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Some recent surveys have concluded that as much as 25 percent of women prefer watching TV than having sex with their partners. Surprised? Women prefer watching a game of football, politics, or even a show on religion than getting down and dirty with their partners.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that she’s no longer feeling your fantasies or doesn’t want to talk dirty with you anymore. You however shouldn’t feel rejected as almost half of women experience sexual dysfunction at some point. You will be surprised that the lack of desire your woman has worries her just as much as it worries you.

Scientifically, this lack of desire is known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder. But not to worry, here’s all you need to know and what you can do about it.

She’s stressed
The human body reacts to stress by releasing the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Chronic stress can however interfere with the body’s hormone levels, which can significantly affect her sexual energy. Moreover, the arteries may narrow and restrict blood flow, which doesn’t help sexual dysfunction.

Seeking counselling or talking through the various triggers of stress such as family, finances, etc can help clear her mind and get her in the mood more often.

She’s Just Exhausted
Physical exhaustion and a lack of adequate sleep can potentially increase the cortisol levels, which can however lead to low libido. As such, let her rest and try again in the morning.

Adverse Effects Of Birth Control Pills
Birth control pills that contain high levels of oestrogen and progesterone tend to increase globulin – a protein in the blood stream that binds with testosterone. Testosterone is one of the central hormones in desire and birth control pills reduce the amount in circulation.

There are however low-dose methods that can make lubrication near impossible. It’s best for you to talk to her and get her to consider trying a different form of birth control, if you want her to stay off the television.

She Doesn’t Feel Sexy
A lot of studies have found a link between increased sexual anxiety and self-consciousness. Women that reported having low self-esteem have a hard time achieving climax because, instead of them to focus on intimacy, they spend time worrying about their body.

If that inhibits her ability to orgasm, then there’s a decreased desire to have sex. You have to communicate with her well and positively assure your partner to get her out of the doldrums.

You’re Not Satisfying Her
If you’re failing to get her to orgasm, that maybe the reason she’s staring at the television. It is important you read up on the ways to give her the orgasm she desires, so you can be a better lover.

She Is Anxious Or Depressed
According to the study; Prevalence of Female Sexual Problems Associated with Distress and Determinants of Treatment Seeking, as much as 40 percent of women that have been diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder have also reported having depression. Furthermore, some medications that are commonly used to treat depression may also have an effect on libido.

You will need to support her through these underlying issues before returning to hot sex.

She Has Passed Menopause
Some surveys conducted on pre and post menopausal women concluded that nearly half of pre-menopausal women say they have experienced low sexual desire at some point. This is because the oestrogen levels of women of this age plummet both at menopause and in the years leading up to menopause which may lead to vaginal dryness and pain. A solution is to employ lubricant.



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