How To Prepare Your Car For A Date

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If any man is asked to mention two things he can’t resist showing off, it would be his woman and his car because it makes him look good. While a Mercedes is sure to grab the attention of your date and people around, it won’t ever be able to sustain it.

Believe it or not, women actually watch how you care and drive your car, than the car itself.

Truth is some cats are sexier than others,ut irrespective of the type of car you drive, there are certain skills things that when put in place, would increase your chances of making a good impression.

As such, here are five things you can do to prepare your car before you date that will score you points with her and may make you get some later on.

Get Your Car Spotlessly Clean
This may seem like an obvious thing to do but we are not just talking about keeping the exterior spotless by having it washed but paying attention to subtle details such as the mess of books, clothes and scuffs of shoes on the carpet.

A good amount of time I spent daily in your car which means that if you have a bit of mess in your backseat, it can reflect the way you do things in your life. Give your car a thorough wash down a day before your date.

Also ensure that you get a good smelling air freshener and place it strategically in such a way that the air purifier from the car vent can diffuse the sweet-smelling scent to all areas of your car. Your ride will look fresh, smell fresh and draw her to you.

Keep Your Car In Top Shape
Before going out on a date, be sure to check every working component of your car to avoid a breakdown. Have a oil change if need be, be sure your petrol is at a good level that won’t suddenly run out and be sure all essential components are in good working order.

While it’s not annoying to have to stop to refill your tank, it will tell her you’re a thoughtful and proactive person if you do so before picking her up.

Have A Good Knowledge Of The Roads
Be sure to have the directions to her house, if that’s the first time you’re going and know the roads to where you’re going. Try and check the routes before picking her up so that you’d be conversant with where you’re going.

In all, remember to be thoughtful and ask when you’re not sure as it’s better to suffer the embarrassment of asking that the pain of driving aimlessly around.

Keep The Temperature In Check
Ensure you keep the temperature in your car suitable for conversation before you get to her place. If it’s hot and humid outside, be sure you welcome her into your car with cool air.

She will feel comfortable with you if she’s not feeling the heat from your sun-bathed leather seats and sweating. She will appreciate the gesture more.

Prepare A Good Playlist
If you’re in on the type of music she loves, you can cue it up for her enjoyment. Avoid playing music at a high volume, else you will hinder your conversation.

It’s good to prepare your music selection before hand but you should be cautious of playing scratched CDs that have seen better days in your glove compartment.

You can also purchase wireless adapters that allow you to play music from your mobile devices through Bluetooth connection without a fuzz. If you’re thinking of listening to the radio, ensure its a channel that is clear. In all, remember to reduce the bass and volume.



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