Organised Labour Calls Off Strike Action In Kogi

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The organised labour in Kogi State has suspended the strike action it embarked upon to press home their demands with effect from yesterday, November 10, 2017.

Speaking after the meeting of the organised labour and the state government in the office of the Deputy Governor of kogi state, the chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) kogi state, Comrade Onu Edoka said the labour union decided to suspend the strike having entered into an agreement with government – as according to him, both parties agreed to honour the agreement.

A statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of kogi State, Akor Sylvester said the following agreements were signed after much consultations by both parties to bring about lasting peace between the workers and government.

Part of the agreement signed by the parties reads: “That the ‘clock-  in  and  out’ machine which Government   instituted   as   electronic Attendance Register would be test-run for the next   three (3)   months   starting   from   10th November,   2017   and   ending   10th  February, 2018   during   which   its   efficiency   and functionality   will   be   determined   by   a Committee   comprising   Government   and Organized   Labour   representatives.

“That   the print-out   of   the   machine   and   the   existing manual   Attendance   Register   will   be juxtaposed   on   monthly   basis   by   the   said committee   to   determine   the   degree   of efficiency of the ‘clock-in and out’ machine.

“That   the Committee   of   Government   and   Organized Labour   are   to   discuss   with   the   view   of resolving all the Grey areas and Peculiarities surrounding the system, while a Desk Officer in   each   MDA   be   appointed   to   handle   the records.

“That  on   no  account   would   the   machine   be used to determine the payment of salaries to workers until the Committee of Government and Organized Labour adjudged the efficiency of the machine after the expiration of the three(3) months in February, 2018.

“That   the   payment   of   salary   and   pension   to workers   and   pensioners   respectively   for   the month   of   August   2017   would   be   full   and comprehensive i.e All cleared staff including the   pardoned   staff   and   the   Omitted/New retirees will be pay-rolled and paid their full month salary and pension respectively on or before Friday 17th November, 2017, while all   cases  of   arrears   of salaries and  pensions will   be   scheduled   for payment as  funds   are available based on the understanding between Labour and Government”.

On the Contributory Pension Scheme, the parties agreed that since it is mandatory by law that workers should key into the scheme, and the bill to domesticate the law is before the State House of Assembly, it was agreed that all grey areas   noticed   by   Organized   Labour   be presented at a Public Hearing to be conducted by   the   State   House   of  Assembly.

The parties further agreed that “organised Labour should specifically be invited for this purpose. Also, Government and Labour agreed to work within the confine of the law”.

It was unanimously agreed that the wholistic report of the Screening Exercise with detailed analysis of the fully   cleared and un-cleared workers MDA by MDA be made available to the organized labour within two weeks.

On PAYE, it was agreed by the parties that Government should execute the PAYE within the confines of the existing law.

It was also agreed that all cases of arrears of promotions of 2013 be released to the beneficiaries immediately, while the process for promotions for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 be put in place.

Labour and government also agreed that no worker shall be victimised or punished for any role or perceived role   played in the course of the strike action.

In view of the above, the organised labour therefore suspended the strike action embarked upon by the workers with effect from Friday, 10th November 2017.



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