The Lifestyle Habits Of The Rich And Successful, You Should Adopt

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From Warren Buffet to Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote, the rich and successful have certain lifestyle habits unique to them that stands them apart from everyone else.

There are a number of common denominators that rich and successful people the world over share that makes them stand out and of course, makes them stay rich.

Here are some of their attributes you may want to adopt in your personal life to achieve success in your chosen field of endeavour.

They Get Up Early
The age long adage “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy” remains true. Successful men won’t stay back in bed snoozing their alarms.

They get out of bed fresh from a good night’s sleep that began at a reasonable time, after spending ample time on their electronic devices before hitting the pillow. It is reported that Albert Einstein slept 10 hours every night and this points to the effect sleep has on creativity, memory, and alertness.

Squeeze in seven to eight hours of sleep every night and watch the positive turn around you’d have.

Read And Expand Your Knowledge
Most of the rich and successful people of the world are voracious readers. It is estimated that Warren Buffett spends over 80 per cent of his time reading and Bill Gates blogs at the end of each year about the books he read each year.

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, reading allows you to rub shoulders with great minds, broaden your knowledge and vocabulary and inspire your creative mind.

Develop a habit of reading daily for at least 30 minutes and see how much improvement will come into your life.

They Make A Goals list
The Rich and successful usually take stock of their achievements each day and set out a clear set of goals for the next day.

They have an agenda for the day’s ahead and commence their Tasks with simple, bite-sized tasks before moving on to bigger ones.

Mapping out your plans and writing your goals helps to provide you a sense of clarity and control to a certain extent over your actions and achievements.

It also improves your efficiency as you go through your to-do list one after the other. Remember not to multi-task frequently and only move on to the next goal after you’ve finished the last.

They Exercise
Perhaps the best time to exercise is early in the morning when you are free from distractions and excuses which may come up when you choose to do so at any other time of the day.

More so, there is an energising effect that comes with early morning workouts, as it helps to get the adrenaline flowing through your body before taking on the challenges and activities of a new day.

Working too much should never be an excuse to skip exercising as physical health goes hand in hand with mental wellbeing.

What this means is that you also have to make smart choices when it comes to your choice of food, while having a consistent exercise routine.

They Avoid Distractions
When you keep a record of the way you spend your time each day, you can easily determine how you spend your time and how much of it goes to waste.

Learning to efficiently manage your time is important if you’re to become successful, as you have to know how to balance work, exercise, and down time.

Check your social media pages sparsely and cut down the time you spend on your phone.

There’s surely no way Michael Bloomberg would be that successful if he spent a sizable part of each day checking his WhatsApp message thread or even Mark Zuckerberg scrolling through his Facebook timeline when he has a million dollar deal to close.




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