Get In Here #BeardGang, Here Are 4 kits That Can Help You Tame Your Beards

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Being a part of the #BeardGang can be pretty tasking especially at the initial stages, but that shouldn’t be the case if you know the right kits to use. I am sure that a lot of us know that if we do our beards right, it can be a fun experience.

Being part of the #BeardGang entails much more than rubbing a little shampoo in it every once in a while and giving it a good brushing. Keeping your beards soft, clean and healthy is a process that requires some tools that you can get as part of a kit. Instead of picking out your tools one after the other, here are the best all-in-one beard care kits that contain all you need.

Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit
While this one may seem a little expensive, you will actually be receiving value for money. This ultimate Beard Kit from New York-based luxury men’s skincare brand Maison Lambert features everything you could ever want to keep your beard looking their best.

This kit comes in a beautiful genuine wood cigar box and includes a four-ounce bottle of their beard shampoo, a canister of their beard balm, a one-ounce bottle of their handmade beard oil, a comb and a free bar of their popular body soap.

What stands them apart is that all their products are made by hand and as much as 99-percent of the constituents of their product is organic. If you’re looking for the best, this kit is definitely worth it, despite the price.

BirchboxMan Limited Edition
This is an affordable all-in-one kit for members of the #BeardGang. It contains a specially designed beard wash, a beard (and face) moisturizing lotion, a dry beard balm, as well as a great smelling beard oil, solid maple and walnut keychain comb and a mesh storage bag.

The beard wash is a favourite because it’s a no-frills scrub that not only cleans and cleanses your whiskers, but also strengthens them. It contains plant-based conditioners, aloe and even honey that gives your beards the best texture possible.

Zeus Deluxe Beard Care Kit
This beard care kit is a little expensive but one thing you can expect is that it is worth it. This kit comes with its own specially designed beard shampoo and conditioner that are specifically designed to prevent itchiness, flaking and split ends.

This kit also includes their excellent branded beard oil, as well as a genuine boar bristle beard brush that can help you stand out from the typical #BeardGang dude. If you’re really ready to kick your beard game up a notch, this kit is definitely the one for you.

Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set
This standard Beard Grooming Set from Seven Potions is an excellent choice for all members o the #BeardGang. The kit includes exactly what you need; one genuine boar bristle beard brush, one 3.4 Oz. container of Seven Potions’ beard shampoo and one bottle of Woodland Harmony beard oil.

In all, this kit offers great value for money, especially if you’re looking for value, reputation and affordability in a neat and tidy package.




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