Fuel Scarcity Looms As Oil Marketers Threaten Service Withdrawal From Dec. 11 In Lagos

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FG May Adjust Pump Price of Petrol As PPPRA Board Meets Today

Fuel scarcity may loom in Lagos as oil marketers under the aegis of the State’s chapter of the Independent Petroleum Markers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) have threatened to withdraw their services from December 11, over the alleged breach of agreement by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

The association is accusing the NNPC of undersupplying its members with Premium Motor Spirit, claiming further that the country’s apex oil firm has defaulted in a bulk purchase agreement to sell fuel to them at N133.28 per litre.

The accusations were contained in a statement released by the state chairman of IPMAN, Alanamu Balogun, on Thursday.

Balogun claimed members have been running their fuel stations at a loss in the last eight months, due to “NNPC’s default” in the bulk purchase agreement.

The association particularly complained of a shortage of product supply to Ejigbo satellite depot, which, it said, serves more than 900 filling stations in Lagos.

“We have endured enough and are set for a showdown with the NNPC for irregular supply at Ejigbo satellite depot, Lagos,” the association said.

The statement continued: “Now, a litre of petrol is being sold to IPMAN members by Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association (DAPMAN) at N141, apart from running costs, bank charges and other expenses.”

“This made it impossible for IPMAN members to sell a litre of fuel at the controlled price of N145, but N146 per litre.

“While the NNPC had refused to sell fuel to its members regularly, the corporation is diverting the supplies to DAPMAN at a price of N117 per litre.

“DAPMAN in turn is selling to IPMAN members at N141 per litre.”

IPMAN then called on President Muhammadu Buhari, the National Assembly, the ministry of petroleum resources and other relevant stakeholders to look into the matter.

“If not, IPMAN members will withdraw their services and shut down all their stations in Lagos state.”

“We have held many meetings with both the NNPC and DAPMAN, questioning why should the NNPC supplies fuel to DAPMAN at N117 per litre and DAPMAN will turn around to sell the same fuel to IPMAN members at N141 and the NNPC wants marketers to sell to the public at N145 per litre.

“The NNPC made it as a condition that we must renew our agreement with it or we will not get fuel supply. This agreement has been renewed yet, the NNPC has refused to supply us with fuel. The same agreement the NNPC signed with us is what it signed with DAPMAN. While DAPMAN gets supplies, IPMAN members are being denied fuel supply, which means the NNPC officials are into a game.

“The Federal Government should step into this matter between now and December 11 to avoid fuel crisis.”



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