The Best Ways To Store Your Cucumbers To Get The Best Out Of Them

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Cucumbers are much more useful than we know as they are a great addition to salads and platters with the crispy, crunchy, ice-cold vibe they provide. More so, we are yet to talk about the different flavours that cucumbers play in different meals, which makes them a choice fruit.

Unfortunately however, a lot of people leave their mini seedless cucumbers around till they get slimy and limp before they even get a chance to add them into their favourite meal. This is a sad way to go, especially since they are hardly nice if you can’t eat them crunchy.

They can however stay perfectly crunchy in the fridge for at least a week if you know just the right way to store them. Here’s how to store your cucumbers and get the best out of them. how to store cucumbers the right way.

Clean Them Well
Whether you’re bringing your your cucumbers home from harvesting them in your garden or from purchasing at the market, remove them from whatever packaging they came in and give them a thorough rinse with water.

It is essential you wash off any dirt or grime from them. This is so, because even the vacuum-sealed seedless greenhouse cucumbers need to have their wrappers cleaned and removed. If you happen to see any mushy or mouldy spots, cut the bad side off and eat the cucumber immediately. If they are nice, clean and fresh, they’re ready to store.

Keep Them Dry
Ensure that your cucumbers are thoroughly dry before you store them away. The reason for this is because excess water on the surface encourages spoiling. The minute your cucumbers dry off, wrap them in a clean dish towel, paper towel or foil paper. Doing this will help keep any condensation or humidity at bay when you store them.

More so, it will also help prevent sogginess, mold, and overall deterioration. This is also applicable to leafy greens, herbs, and any tender vegetable you want to protect in your fridge.

Put Them Inside A Bag
After drying and wrapping your cucumbers, put them well wrapped in a plastic bag. There is no need for you to have a resealable plastic bag. Anyone with a little airflow is a good thing, since it helps prevent condensation from collecting around your swaddled cucumbers. If all you have is a resealable plastic bag, just keep it open at the top.

Furthermore storing cucumbers in plastic also helps protect them from ethylene gas produced by fruits such as melons that you may also have stored in your fridge. Cucumbers are quite sensitive to over-ripening and spoiling when exposed to this gas. As such, you should check a list of fruits and vegetables that release it and try to keep them separate from your cukes.

Store Them Cold, But Not Too Cold
Store your wrapped cucumber bag in your refrigerator, but avoid putting it in the coldest part and most definitely n n your freezer. The crisper drawer of your refrigerator is an excellent place, if you have some space for storage there. That area will keep your cucumbers safe for about a week where you can keep grabbing them to add to make refreshing salads, relish, soup, and even cocktails, or eat raw throughout the week.

If you are unable to finish a whole cucumber, If you use half of cucumber, just cover the exposed end with a little bit of plastic wrap and return it into the bag. The moment you start storing cucumbers the right way, you won’t get disappointed by a squishy, mouldy one.



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